Are Kisses Out of Fashion?

Since Wednesday afternoon, it seems nearly everyone who’s used a computer or social media feed has seen “First Kiss.” With over 24 million views to date, some consider it to be one of the most successful fashion films ever created.

Smooching may seem like a sexual act, but it doesn’t always have to be heated and romantic. Here are 20 types of kisses to elevate your smooching game and add new dimensions of intimacy into the mix!

1. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is an integral component of successful social interactions, communicating both your intent and focus as well as showing that you’re interested in that person.

Many individuals find it challenging to establish and sustain eye contact, possibly due to social discomfort or anxiety.

2. Lick your lips.

Licking your lips may seem like the natural thing to do when they’re dry and chapped, but doing so could actually exacerbate their condition further. Saliva moistens your lips briefly before quickly evaporating – leaving them even drier than before!

Your saliva contains enzymes that can irritate and dry out the delicate skin on your lips, leaving an unwanted layer of saliva behind that contains harsh enzymes that could leave them rough and chapped. To keep them soft and glossy, apply lip balm regularly and drink lots of water; having healthy-looking, well-moisturized lips is one surefire way to enhance your smile and give yourself an immediate confidence boost!

3. Have breath mints or mint-flavored gum with you.

If you travel often, if could be beneficial to keep some breath mints or mint-flavored gum in your carry-on luggage. Mints have long been associated with improving breath quality when used regularly; their scent-free qualities also make them an appealing option over more conventional oral hygiene products.

Sugar-free varieties of breath mints may help protect against cavities and bad breath in the future. The most pleasant suckable mints can be purchased in adorable little tins that serve their function just as effectively.

4. Keep your lips moisturized.

Lips don’t contain oil glands and therefore cannot generate their own moisture, so keeping them moisturized is of utmost importance.

An effective way to keep lips moisturized is exfoliating them once or twice every week, which will remove dry and dead skin that could block absorption of any hydrating products in the future.

Try using home remedies for dry lips, like adding crushed strawberries to a mixture of honey and olive oil – strawberries contain antioxidants and vitamin C which nourish and soften lips.

Water can help your lips remain hydrated, as being dehydrated may cause them to dry out and flake, making them more prone to chapping or cracking.

5. Keep your mouth open.

Kissing is an intricate process that generates neural messages and chemicals to transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement, feelings of closeness, motivation and even euphoria.

An initial kiss conveys invaluable information about the status and future of any relationship, according to recent research. If a bad first kiss occurs, recent research indicates it could reduce romance chances dramatically.

Start off a good kiss by keeping your mouth open and making sure your breath smells pleasant. Brush and floss twice daily to eliminate bacteria build-up that may contribute to bad breath.

6. Communicate.

Kisses are one of the most natural and intimate forms of communication. Kisses trigger an excitation of neural messages and chemicals, sending tactile sensations, sexual excitement, closeness, motivation and even euphoria along the body’s nerve endings.

Effective communication is crucial to developing positive interpersonal relationships. Successful communicators must display extreme flexibility when adapting their behavior according to another’s needs and desires.

No matter who it may be: your partner, coworker or new acquaintance – listening actively will ensure you understand their message correctly and receive it correctly.

By BobJ

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