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How to Do a Spider-Man Kiss Upside Down

Kirsten Dunst recently revealed that, almost two decades later, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s iconic kiss from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man remains an unforgettable romance classic despite it not actually being very romantic to film.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield recreated their signature upside-down kiss from their own franchise in an entertaining SNL skit. Check it out below.

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How Do Lions Kiss?

Lions are magnificent animals with strong bodies that rank second only to tigers in size. Known for their loud roars that can be heard up to five miles away, lions hunt in packs using teamwork to take down prey that are larger and faster than them.

Video footage showing a young girl kissing a lion at a zoo has gone… Continue reading

How to Go For a Kiss

An incredible kiss not only provides physical and emotional satisfaction, it can also trigger physiological processes which increase immunity and contribute to keeping our bodies looking their best.

If your date indicates they’re ready for a kiss, feel free to initiate one – but remember that their comfort level must always come first and respect any boundaries set.

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How to Kiss Your Hand

Kissing someone’s hand is never necessary, though it can show respect and affection.

Kisses are usually used to greet older people such as family, grandparents, friends or religious leaders. Furthermore, this gesture serves to show appreciation to those important to the kisser.

How to kiss someone’s hand

Kissing a lady’s hand is an age-old sign of respect and affection that… Continue reading

How I Kiss My Boyfriend

how i kiss my boyfriend

Make sure your lips are soft and pillowy for optimal pleasure, and try gently tracing your lips down his jawline as an original way of kissing him – this would surely get him excited!

Pinch his lips briefly before opening your mouth slowly and twirling your tongue around his.

1. Let him inhale first

Men and women both possess areas… Continue reading

How Kisses Can Tell If You’re Sexually Compatible

are kiss

KISS is more than just a band; they’re an iconic brand of men with face paint who know how to entertain an audience and make money doing it. No matter your musical tastes, you have to admit they know how to keep an audience entertained!

Kissing releases an abundance of oxytocin and can be a useful indicator for women determining… Continue reading

How to Kiss Underwater

how to kiss underwater

On February 4th, South African freediving champion and her Canadian fiance broke the Guinness World Record for longest underwater kiss. At four minutes and six seconds, their underwater kiss surpassed the previous three-minute record set 13 years prior.

Beth, an instructor for Pure Apnea Master freediving and conservation film-maker, and Miles, an accomplished scuba diver are passionate about encouraging others… Continue reading

The Best Kisses in Teenage Movies

best kisses in teenage movies

Teen movies often rehash familiar tropes. But some films have managed to break free and create unique versions of an emotional love story.

No matter the form or function, these couples successfully sell their initial attraction. We swoon over these best kisses from teenage movies!

Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Teen movies often receive criticism for their unrealistic plot lines and… Continue reading

How to Do Vampire Kiss

how to do vampire kiss

Vampire Kiss showcases Nicolas Cage at his absolute peak of over-the-top method acting. His random mood swings and inexplicable outbursts almost overshadow the compelling plot involving a man who believes he’s becoming a vampire.

Submerge half a cocktail shaker in ice, add vodka and raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, grenadine and give it several good shakes before pouring out into a… Continue reading

Hugs and Kisses Just For You

hugs and kisses just for you

Hugging is an amazing way to reduce stress, promote healing, and build trust between loved ones. Hugging is known to lower blood pressure, alleviate tension, and open the channels of communication within relationships.

Hugs come in various forms – from the universally acknowledged XOXO, to unspoken gestures like saying “I love you”. Whatever form it takes, hugging is an powerful… Continue reading

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