Can a Christian Kiss Before Marriage?

By BobJ Sep28,2022

Most devout Christians believe that sex and physical affection should be avoided before marriage. In this regard, many Christian counselors and pastors have recommended that young couples refrain from physical contact before marriage. However, the Bible does not specifically address these activities. While Romans 14:23 tells couples to avoid premarital sex, it does not mention kissing or holding hands. However, it does encourage young couples to seek God’s guidance about these issues.

It’s important to understand that biblical prohibitions against sexual activity are generally a broad category. Some consider kissing a form of physical intercourse, while others believe it’s perfectly acceptable to engage in kissing before marriage. Kissing is not specifically prohibited, but many Christians do not engage in it until they get married. This is due to the fact that kissing before marriage can be a tempting act that can lead to temptation.

can a christian kiss before marriage

However, a Christian couple should remember that it’s important to know the heart of the other person before engaging in physical contact. This requires a higher level of understanding than just sharing opinions. The deeper the intimacy, the more likely it is that one will fall into sexual sin. Therefore, couples should be honest about their struggles and develop safe boundaries during courtship.

Christian couples should discuss whether kissing is appropriate before marriage. It’s not wrong to kiss before marriage, but kissing should be done with the utmost care. Christian couples should seek guidance from God before kissing one another. Kissing can lead to temptation, so they should communicate their boundaries with each other early on in the relationship.

Christians often believe that the best way to remain sexually pure is to refrain from intense or passionate kissing before marriage. Kissing before marriage is not a sin, but it can tempt some to impurity. However, Christians should not be afraid to kiss if they are interested in one another. This practice is considered acceptable in many cultures, and it is not uncommon for people to kiss before marriage.

Nevertheless, some couples decide to avoid kissing completely. They may feel that the temptations are too strong. However, it is best to resist these temptations and wait until they are married. This will help them stay focused on God and avoid the temptations of the flesh. After all, if the two of them are committed, they will not have any sexual contact until after the wedding ceremony.

There are many ways that a Christian couple can kiss before marriage. Many of these kisses are described in the Bible. The Apostle Paul even encourages Christians to kiss one another in a non-romantic manner. This may mean a mere peck on the cheek. However, there are some Christians who believe that kissing is not appropriate until marriage.

By BobJ

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