Crocs and Kiss for a Limited-Edition Jibbitz Collection

By BobJ Mar15,2023

Crocs has teamed up with the legendary rock band Kiss for a limited-edition Jibbitz collection. The clogs are inspired by the glam-rock group’s colorful stage makeup and fire-breathing concerts.

Each pair features a unique design and comes with five Jibbitz to add to your shoes. There are KISS logo charms, The Demon and Catman charms, plus Spaceman and Starchild.

Bayaband KISS Clog

The American glam rock band KISS have teamed up with Crocs for four limited edition clogs and Jibbitz charms. The Bayaband KISS Clog is the sexiest pair of shoes on the planet and they are a hoot to boot. The Classic KISS Clog is also a winner when it comes to comfort and practicality. The top of the line is a full on homage to the kings of the stage. The other notable footwear is the Crocband Platform KISS Clog, a close cousin of the classic KISS clog in name only, but with a modern zebra print design. The aforementioned clog is an ideal choice for the office or for your next swag bag worthy trip to Vegas, and the aforementioned Crocband platforms are available for under P1,500 at Crocs outlets nationwide.

Classic KISS Clog

Having rocked the world since their debut in 1973, Kiss have become a staple of pop culture. Their face paint, fire breathing, and levitating drum sets have made them one of the most famous rock bands in history.

In honor of their legendary performance style, Crocs partnered with the band to release a collection of four limited edition clogs and Jibbitz charms in sizes 6-12. Designed to celebrate KISS’s explosive live shows, the shoes and charms will catch the eye of Gen Z-ers and Baby Boomers alike.

The Classic KISS Clog, which launched Crocs into the international scene, combines the comfort of a lightweight clog with a groupie shoe look that’s sure to turn heads. The clogs are black and feature the KISS logo stamped across the foot in a fire-filled font.

These clogs are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, making them great for walking on a variety of surfaces. The clogs are also waterproof and anti-slip. The clogs have a molded Croslite construction and are designed to provide 360-degree comfort.

They’re available in men’s and women’s styles, with each pair showcasing different aspects of the band’s music and stage makeup. The Bayaband KISS Clog features the band’s faces along the sides, while the Bayaband KISS II Clog has a more colorful design.

Another option is the Crocband Platform KISS Clog, which combines garden shoes with platforms for a sleek look that’s perfect for any rock and roll fan. Its black crocband is topped by a white, silver, and black color wheel.

You can also find a multicolored clog with a rainbow logo and acid trip soles, which will make your feet groovy for any psychedelic occasion. These shoes are the best way to show your KISS love without wearing a full suit of face paint.

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Bayaband KISS II Clog

The Bayaband KISS II Clog takes a classic clog and adds some KISS flair, featuring a trippy psychedelic outline that showcases the band’s faces. It also alights on the iconic Croslite foam construction for an extra pop of KISS cool.

If the Bayaband isn’t your style, you might want to check out the Classic Kiss Clog, which snags the prize for the most iconic jibbitz on a clog. It’s a simple black shoe with the iconic logo emblazoned on the top, but it’s the colour scheme that sets it apart. It’s a real show stopper. It’s a clog that you’ll love to wear out and about.

Crocband Platform KISS Clog

Known for their bright stage make-up and wild concerts, American rock band Kiss has become legendary across generations. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the group, Crocs has teamed up with the iconic band for a limited-edition collection of clogs and Jibbitz charms.

The Crocband Platform KISS Clog is a fun twist on the classic shoe silhouette that rocks a white, silver, and black color wheel. It features officially licensed graphics to honor the 45th anniversary of KISS and the band’s elements, as well as a molded Croslite construction that makes it incredibly light and comfortable to wear all day long. The shoes also come with a set of novelty Jibbitz charms, including the faces of KISS members Demon, Catman, Starchild and Spaceman, that can be added to the uppers.

By BobJ

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