How Romantic Is My Kiss?

By BobJ May20,2023

is my kiss

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1. He’s totally smitten

No matter if it be smooching, snogging or lip locking, a great kiss says much about its recipient. Kisses can be sweet or bitter; sweet or spicy; life-saving or life-altering. A good kiss says so much.

Betty Everett’s timeless classic shows us that all it takes to understand someone’s feelings for us is one glance at their lips. Styron expertly depicts young Leslie’s tongue twists with his words, keeping readers glued to the page.

2. He’s giving you flirty eye contact

If he stares intently for several seconds before blinking, it could mean that he’s trying to figure out when is best time to kiss you. Eye contact flirting releases oxytocin which makes people feel warmer and happier.

Signs that someone is interested in you include his mirroring your movements or showing signs that he wants to get close.

3. He’s mirroring your movements

He may mirror your movements when kissing you, which indicates his interest and passion for you. He wants to ensure you’re comfortable while forging a relationship between himself and you.

He may also lean in, which is another sure sign he’s interested. Additionally, when he kisses your neck it becomes very romantic!

4. He’s kissing you on your shoulders and collarbone

Kissing on the shoulder or collarbone is an expression of affection and can be very romantic. These areas also contain erogenous zones; therefore if he kisses you there, it could mean he wants to please you sexually.

Body language expert Lillian Glass noted on her website that an over-the-head kiss could indicate your partner feels protective and nurturing towards you, or perhaps indicate his interest or even indicate attraction for you.

6. He’s focusing on you

If he seems interested in you, that could indicate an interest in exploring physical connection and evolving your relationship further. He could be dreaming of kissing you again or visualizing romantic possibilities.

He may also feel self-conscious about his technique, hoping you won’t judge him for using too much tongue or giving a wet kiss.

Faith Hill captures this magical moment perfectly in her song.

7. He’s asking you to move somewhere else

Kissing is a form of bonding between men and women alike, so if he can’t stop thinking about you, maybe that means he wants another opportunity to move in closer and kiss you once more!

Be sure to give him a kiss back as soon as he asks; both of you deserve it!

9. He’s giving you a hug

Hugs are an easy and intimate way to show affection, but knowing whether it’s romantic can be tricky. Luckily, there are signs you can keep an eye out for to identify whether a hug is romantic.

It’s always wonderful when a hug feels like a standing snuggle – a sure sign that they want nothing more than to spend all their time with you!

10. He’s giving you a kiss on your neck

Kissing on the neck can be an effective way to explore an erogenous zone and see how it affects both men and women. Kissing your partner on their neck allows you to explore this zone, see if it turns them on, and experience first-hand its sensuality.

If he’s giving you neck kisses, he likely wants to get intimate in some way with you. It’s up to you whether to reciprocate his affection – you might find that you actually enjoy it!

By BobJ

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