How to Do a Spider-Man Kiss Upside Down

By BobJ Jun6,2023

Kirsten Dunst recently revealed that, almost two decades later, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s iconic kiss from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man remains an unforgettable romance classic despite it not actually being very romantic to film.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield recreated their signature upside-down kiss from their own franchise in an entertaining SNL skit. Check it out below.

1. Pull down the mask

Few movie kisses have made history like Kirsten Dunst’s memorable scene from Spider-Man 2 where she kisses Peter Parker’s webslinger upside down after thanking him for saving her from muggers in an alleyway – marking his transition into manhood for good. It remains one of cinematic history’s iconic scenes and one that signifies his first kiss as an adult man.

Tobey Maguire shared his memories from filming an upside-down makeout session during its 20th anniversary home release commentary, recalling how water got in his nose and made breathing difficult; but was pleased that such a scene has since become iconic cinema.

Recreate the Spiderman Kiss at Home You can achieve a similar result at home by finding a firm surface to support your weight, such as a bed, couch or tree trunk. When placing something soft underneath, be sure to leave enough cushion so as to not damage any furniture if it should tip over unexpectedly. In addition, make sure there’s some way for you to hang upside-down without becoming dizzy and disoriented – then find a way to hang upside-down without becoming dizzy or disoriented!

2. Turn on the rain

Spider-Man: Far From Home features some unforgettable scenes, but my personal favorite is Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s iconic upside down kiss scene from 2002 Sam Raimi film Spider-Man: Far From Home. After saving her from some bad guys in an alleyway, Peter Parker planted a passionate kiss on Mary Jane Watson after saving her. However, filming this romantic moment wasn’t quite so romantic – Tobey Maguire revealed during an interview with Variety that the shoot was extremely uncomfortable as rainwater got into Tobey Maguire’s nose meaning he couldn’t breathe properly out his mouth; in fact it’s incredible that Tobey could finish filming any scenes at all.

Dunst recently discussed the legacy of her kiss, which has inspired imitations on various talk and game shows (Dawn French and Bear Grylls attempted it on The Graham Norton Show in 2014). Perhaps Tom Holland and Zendaya can recreate this scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home? I certainly hope so.

3. Hold each other upside down

One of the most memorable scenes from Spider-Man films was when Peter Parker suspended upside-down and kissed Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). This scene became so beloved, it even made its way onto TikTok!

Scene 2 takes place after Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) successfully subdued a group of muggers, then planted a kiss on Mary Jane as thanks for helping get out of tight spot. Danny Elfman provides soothing music in this breathtaking sequence which includes Peter and Mary Jane engaging in romantic make-out session – making for one romantic and dramatic film moment!

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies may not have the most heartwarming endings, yet one scene still makes us swoon. Kirsten Dunst recently discussed it, saying she wasn’t aware that the scene would become so iconic and felt tremendous pressure to live up to it. Additionally, she commented on its difficulty when recreating it later.

4. Let go

Hanging upside-down can be both thrilling and dangerous, particularly if you suffer from health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure or glaucoma. Before trying this stunt, make sure that there is someone available who can hold your feet securely to prevent falls; also consult your physician if any chronic health conditions exist prior to undertaking such an attempt.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man features an iconic moment between Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and MJ (Kirsten Dunst). After defeating four muggers, Spider-Man reappears next to MJ while upside-down and covered in rainwater in an alleyway nearby – an image which captures both romance and iconicity in equal measure.

Miles and Gwen came close to recreating this scene in Across the Spider-Verse, though it wasn’t exactly identical. Still, they get credit for trying so hard.

By BobJ

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