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By BobJ Aug26,2022

Kissing is an art form, and the French kiss is one of its most popular styles. If you’re looking to take your kissing game to the next level, then this blog post is for you! Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Be prepared for hours of practice !!! LOL

Find the Right Partner …

If you’re looking to take your kissing game to the next level, then French kissing is a great way to do it.

But before you dive into the world of French kissing, it’s important to ensure that you’ve found the right partner. When picking a kissing partner, make sure you both feel comfortable and ready for the experience.

This slow movement allows you to gauge whether your partner is ready to French kiss, and prevents them from being alarmed or surprised at any sudden tongue.

Once you’ve established a kissing partner, it’s time to start learning how to French kiss.

Moisten Your Lips

Before you pucker up, it’s important to make sure your lips are soft and moist.

One way to do this is by licking your lips quickly before you kiss. For continually smooth and moist lips, regularly use lip balm and drink plenty of water.

If you don’t have any lip balm or water on hand, carry around a chapstick to keep your lips supple.

You’ll be glad you did when they come in contact with someone else’s lips!

Start Off with Light Kisses to Warm Up

Are you ready to experience the thrill of French kissing?

The key is to start off slow and light. Begin with some closed-mouth kisses.

This will give you time to gauge your partner’s body language and learn what they like.

As you tilt your head to one side, open your mouth slightly.

Don’t rush in and press your teeth together with your partner’s. Instead, use the tip of your tongue to make soft, sexy swirls around theirs.

Think of it as you’re massaging each other’s mouths. This will create a sensual and exciting feeling in both of you. Have fun and enjoy the moment!

Take Your Partner’s Upper Lip in Your Mouth

When you and your partner are comfortable with the basics, it’s time to take your French kissing to the next level.

Take your partner’s upper lip in your mouth and suck gently.

You don’t have to use a lot of pressure here, just enough to make it enjoyable. As you do this, use your tongue to caress their lip.

This will create a sensual and romantic kiss that your partner is sure to love.

Hold Her Face Firmly But Gently

Once you and your partner have the perfect kiss locked down, it’s time to move onto French kissing.

Before you do, it is important to hold your partner’s face firmly but gently.

This helps to make your kiss more intimate and passionate. You can hold the sides of their face, their neck or gently on the shoulders. This gesture will make them feel safe and secure, allowing them to enjoy the moment even further.

Once you have your hands in the right position, it’s time to bring it up a notch. Open your mouth slightly wider and gently touch your tongue against your partner’s.

This will let them know that it is time to move into French kissing territory. Make sure that you don’t force your tongue into their mouth as this can be off-putting and uncomfortable for them.

Holding their face firmly but gently while you slip your tongue inside their mouth or suck their lower lips will make them feel special and it will add a level of intensity to the kiss that can’t be matched. Keep in mind that you should keep your movements gentle and slow, as too much movement or force can be unpleasant for them.

Insert Your Tongue Slightly Between Their Lips

Are you ready to move onto the next level?

Inserting your tongue slightly between your partners lips is a great way to signal that you want to add some more intense kissing to the mix.

Make sure to proceed slowly, and keep your teeth from clacking together by pulling your mouth open just enough.

Gently explore the inside of their mouth with your tongue, as this can help add some extra pleasure and intensity to the kiss. Remember to pay attention to your partner’s body language and take it slow. Don’t just go for it with reckless abandon – keep it slow and playful.

Once enough lip action has been exchanged, you can slowly inch your tongue towards their lips and part them gently. This will be a great way to move onto the next level of your passionate kiss!

Gently Sweep the Lip of Your Tongue Over Their Lips

As you start exploring your partner’s mouth with your tongue, you can start using more complex techniques.

Gently sweep the lip of your tongue over their lips to give them a pleasurable sensation. This will show your partner that you’re in control and that they can relax and enjoy the moment.

Take your time, and be sure to pay attention to their body language to make sure they’re into it. If they’re responding positively, then you can explore further. Make sure you move slowly, and enjoy the moment.

French kissing is all about savoring and swooning, so take advantage of this special moment with your partner.

Savor and Swoon

Once you have established a connection with your partner, it is time to savor and swoon.

As you explore each other’s mouths, take your time and enjoy the sensations.

This isn’t a race; it’s all about enjoying and savoring the moment. Take your time, move slowly, and feel their lips as they caress yours in return.

Don’t be afraid to use your hands to caress the face and body of your partner in order to add more physical pleasure to the experience. And don’t forget to tilt your head slightly to one side as you kiss; this can help create a more passionate experience.

Finally, don’t forget to gently bite or suck their lip for added pleasure. French kissing is an art form that needs to be savored, so take your time and enjoy every moment!


French kissing is all about having fun and exploring with your partner.

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to smooch! When your partner’s upper lip is in your mouth, hold it firmly but gently and explore the area with your tongue.

You can also take turns with your partner, switching off who initiates the kiss. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques too – a light nibble here, a gentle suck there – to surprise your partner and keep things interesting.

If you’re feeling daring, you can even lightly bite your partner’s lower lip or the tip of their tongue. Just keep an eye on their facial expressions and body language so you don’t overstep any boundaries. As long as you both feel comfortable and are having fun, go wild!

Pay Attention to Their Body Language

When it comes to French kissing, body language is key.

Paying attention to your partner’s body language will help you understand how far you can go.

Start off with some light, closed-mouth kisses. This will give you the chance to pay attention to their body language and learn what they are comfortable with.

When your partner is ready and reciprocates, you can then incorporate the rest of your body and start exploring further. If your partner is leaning into you and deepening the kiss, then you know they’re enjoying it and are comfortable with it.

If they pull away or their body tenses up, take a step back and go back to closed-mouth kisses. Touching the face is a very intimate gesture and suggests that they’d like to get closer emotionally and physically (and can be an indicator that they are ready for a French kiss).

At any point, if your partner appears uncomfortable or is not reciprocating, stop the kiss immediately. Remember that kissing is a form of communication—a body language if you will—so pay close attention to what you can feel, hear, see, and taste in order to make sure it’s a pleasurable experience for both of you.

A key part of a French kiss is knowing when to back off and withdraw from the kiss.

A good first kiss should last about two to three seconds. It should leave your partner wanting more. A second kiss should last about five minutes or less.

If your partner is a first-time kisser, it is best to keep your kiss short and sweet.

A French kiss can be very stimulating for both partners. It is also good for your teeth. In addition, it can produce ecstatic orgasms. Whether it is your first time kissing or the hundredth, this sensual activity can be quite fun! Listed below are some tips on how to kiss someone passionately.

The French kiss is more about the tongue than the lips, but it is important not to overuse it. It is also important to keep your mouth open and wide to make the kiss more passionate. Finally, you must learn how to lock the lower lip and make sure that you are moving slowly. The goal is to make it feel as natural as possible.

One way to build up a French kiss is to gently nibble their lips. Gently brushing their lips with your tongue is another way to signal that you’re ready to kiss. It’s a nonverbal way of asking for permission. This will stimulate your partner’s tongue and lips and will help you make a more intense kiss.


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