What is Kiss From A Rose About?

By BobJ Aug31,2022

Whether it’s the lyrics themselves, Kiss From A Rose is one of the most popular searches on my blog. The song is an amazing piece of literature, and the song lyrics can be deciphered and analyzed to discover their symbolic meaning. The song lyrics are metaphors for many things, from love to death.

Seal wrote and released the song Kiss From A Rose in 1994. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher, who passed away on Monday. He said he loved the song and wanted to use it for a love scene in the movie, but Seal declined. Instead, the director decided to include it during the closing credits.

what is kiss from a rose about

Seal’s next album, Seal II, was also produced by Trevor Horn. He had never heard Kiss From A Rose before he chose it as the album’s single, but Horn loved it. The song is a huge hit, and it features an interesting collection of session musicians. The song includes J Dilla protégé Amp Fiddler, Chris Bruce, and Charona Drayton.

The song was originally written by Seal, who later added it to the soundtrack of the Batman Forever movie. This helped it go to the top of the pop charts in the U.S. and Australia. It also won the ‘Best Song’ and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy awards in 1996. It was also included in the animated film Sing. It was a popular song in the movie, and was even included in the official soundtrack.


By BobJ

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