Best Kiss For First Kiss

best kiss for first kiss

A first kiss marks an important moment in any new relationship, be it romantic or awkward.

Movies have shown us some unforgettable first kisses over time, but real life can sometimes be tricky. On The Saturday Early Show’s Saturday Morning show, sex therapist Ian Kerner provided advice on the ideal first kiss to ensure an unforgettable lips lock experience.

1. Eye Contact

First kisses can be nerve-wracking experiences. From popping a mint to trying to determine whether your crush wants to reciprocate the kissing action, they can be filled with anxiety.

When contemplating kissing someone for the first time, the key to successful encounter is timing: making eye contact first will set things in motion and ensure an ideal moment arises for kissing.

Begin slowly moving your face toward theirs, watching for any reaction from them – no blinks, no pulling away! That could be an indication that they might be open to kissing. Tilt your head slightly to avoid bumping noses; this might also work better than trying to avoid eye contact altogether! Focusing instead on their eyes could convince them that you’re interested – making this situation win-win for both of you!

2. Nose to Nose

Kissing noses is one of the more intimate forms of affection, making for an enjoyable way to say hello or goodbye and show romantic interest – though be wary if someone seems uncomfortable when you try kissing their nose! Make sure they want you doing this first before proceeding.

Carry mints or gum with you to keep your breath smelling fresh and avoid foods that odor up the mouth like garlic and onions that could aggravate symptoms of toothache.

Kisses don’t always need to happen on the lips — instead try giving your loved one a soft peck on the cheek, an inner wrist rub or even just touching their pulse point subtly for some additional romance and intimacy. Just make sure not to overdo it — a small gesture can go a long way!

3. Top of the Head

Start the night off right with an intimate and sensuous kiss on the forehead or head tilt and kiss down the nose – this gesture won’t disappoint! Not only is it great for making someone feel at ease and intimate, it can also serve as a stepping stone towards makeout sessions!

If you want a head-to-head kiss, be sure to use a lotion with an alluring scent that makes your skin smell sweet and alluring – this will take his breath away and increase his desire for you!

Communicating with your partner about the type of kiss you would like is key to learning how to kiss for the first time. Make sure they’re okay with it and avoid placing pressure on either party; both parties will end up happier in the long run!

4. Cheek to Cheek

Dependent upon the setting and atmosphere, starting a date off slowly by kissing their cheek or forehead may be more intimate and provide you with an easy way to read nonverbal cues about how your date feels.

Preserve fresh breath before initiating kisses! Nothing will dampen that post-kiss high quicker than having foul breath. Try applying some long-lasting perfume or body spray that you know they like, and avoid food that could make your breath smell bad.

Kissing may seem intimidating at first, but it should become part of any healthy relationship over time. By seeking consent and reading your partner’s nonverbal cues beforehand, your first kiss should go smoothly and without incident.

5. Mouth to Mouth

Maintain clean and fresh breath before entering Makeout Town. No one likes kissing someone with breath that smells of onions, garlic or cheese!

At regular intervals, it’s also wise to check-in with your partner by asking questions like, “Does this feel normal?” or “Am I doing it properly?”

Though movies and TV may make sudden, surprise kisses seem romantic, it is always wiser to obtain consent before touching someone even in an ideal situation. A simple “Can I kiss you?” should do the trick.

By BobJ

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