What Does Kissing Someone in a Dream Mean?

By BobJ May7,2023

what does kissing someone in a dream mean

Dreams that include kisses are often seen as symbolic of our deepest desires or signal that someone in your life is violating your boundaries and should respect your boundaries more fully.

Dreams in which you kiss a stranger may symbolize your desire to explore unknown territory and could also indicate you’re getting closer to reaching your goals.

Kissing on the head

Dreams in which you kiss someone on the head can be taken as an omen that there will be many challenges ahead both professionally and personally, though it could also indicate your dedication to loving yourself as you are, with all of its imperfections.

Dreams in which you kiss someone who has died could be an indicator that they continue to play an integral part in your life, possibly by providing guidance or influence over decisions made.

Dreams in which you kissing one of your friend’s partners could be an indicator that you feel lonely and want a more fulfilling life, however it could also signal that short-term relationships could be harmful to both health and happiness.

Kissing a stranger

Dreams that involve kissing strangers often represent parts of yourself that you have kept hidden or are trying to control in some way. They could also symbolize betrayals by someone close to you and attempts at control by them or someone they may know of trying to coerce them in some way.

Dreams in which you kiss strangers on the forehead often signal concern for their wellbeing; conversely, kissing them on the cheek suggests genuine feelings between two individuals.

Dreams that involve kissing often symbolize positivity; their interpretation varies depending on what type of kissing occurred and where. Here are some common dream scenarios featuring kissing that may relate to relationships in real life.

Kissing someone you know

Dreams that involve you kissing someone you know often represent an expression of affection between the two individuals, such as with romantic partners or close friends. Furthermore, this dream could also signify your desire to become famous in some way.

Dreams that feature celebrities can be taken as an indicator of wanting to become one, while dreams that involve family or coworkers often suggest wanting better relations between both of you.

Dreams in which you uninvitedly kiss someone suggest that someone is violating your boundaries or trying to control or exploit you in some way. Be mindful of your intuition and trust your instinct.

Kissing a celebrity

Dreams in which you see yourself kissing a celebrity symbolize your desire to be respected and admired by others, and can indicate an attempt at becoming like them in some way.

Dreams that involve kissing famous figures from music, film or theatre could be an indicator that you are working toward becoming famous in one or more areas. Perhaps you have spent significant time and effort honing your talent in hopes that one day it will be acknowledged and appreciated by the wider public.

Dreams involving kissing celebrities could be an omen that you are facing some form of challenge in life; for example, kissing Uma Thurman from Kill Bill could represent that fear of rejection being overcome as well as moving past old patterns to find comfort and dignity in living your own life.

Kissing someone else’s partner

Dreams in which you find yourself kissing someone else’s partner may symbolize some unspoken connection between yourself and them that does not involve physical attraction; perhaps there’s some conflict or issue you share that needs to be resolved between yourselves.

Dreams that involve kissing someone of the same gender indicate your desire for comfort and relaxation, or it could indicate an interest in creating an intimate connection with this individual.

Dreams that involve kissing enemies may indicate feelings of being threatened in some way, deception and betrayal in real life, reconciliation with long-lost friends, dishonesty or stinginess in real life or an impending conflict with colleagues. A dream about biting while kissing can also serve as an indicator that more drastic actions need to take place to resolve matters between two individuals or teams.

By BobJ

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