Do Kisses Mean Anything to Guys?

By BobJ May 15, 2023

Depending on what circumstances surround his kiss, it could mean one of two things. He might either be secretly or openly in love with you, or simply trying to manipulate you into making decisions for him.

Kisses on your forehead or cheek, lingering near your mouth after, and holding onto your hand during are sure signs that he took something special from it.

1. He’s just a friend

Kisses can be an exquisite display of affection, yet relationships require more than mere physicality and sweetness. When a man kisses you on the forehead it could mean they care about you as an acquaintance or it could signal romantic interest from him wanting to take their relationship further.

When men kiss your neck passionately, it can be taken as an indication that they want more intimacy between you. If this intrigues you, drop subtle hints that you would like more intimate contact; this will allow him to understand your feelings and make an informed decision regarding where your relationship goes; if not, they may respect your boundaries and stop kissing altogether.

2. He’s in love

Just like women, men become nervous and excited when falling in love, and kissing someone they like can be an emotional momentous occasion for both parties involved. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that some would want to extend the smooch further by engaging in intimate contact.

If he reaches for an upside down kiss, this is usually an indicator that he’s seeking romance with you and can’t wait to spend more time together.

Kisses on the neck, forehead and nose can be sweet reminders that someone wants to be close. You may even find him sliding into your DMs or following you online; both signs that he cannot stop thinking of you.

Another wonderful kissing gesture occurs when he kisses your eyelid. Men typically shy away from touching this intimate area with their lips; thus making this kissing moment even sweeter!

3. He’s trying to get in your pants

Kissing can be performed without necessarily feeling drawn to someone, and doesn’t indicate any romantic interest on his part. But if his dates with you seem hasty and his sexual activity with you is brief; or if his social media updates never mention you as part of their posts; chances are good he is just kissing to be polite.

If he’s feeling nervous about making the first move, kissing you on the cheek or forehead could be his safest bet for initiating physical contact. He will still get an opportunity to appreciate your beautiful features, smell your scent, and feel the softness of lips – without making you feel as exposed.

Necks are highly sexualized areas, making it hard not to feel attracted when someone kisses your nape or neck. He likely hopes that seeing you blush and your heart race may convince him to make more intimate moves – and make sure he knows you’re into it before taking that first step forward!

4. He’s trying to manipulate you

Sometimes men can be too charming. If he keeps kissing you on the neck repeatedly, this might indicate his desire to take this relationship further and move it into the bedroom. His repeated kissing signals his intentions: it shows that he’s falling for you as more than just a casual acquaintance.

This kiss is more serious than mere lip pecks or air kisses; he wants to show his affection for you in an endearing way, something which would endear you to him as much.

Kissing someone’s hand can be an old-school romantic gesture, like in old movies where men would always kiss the lady’s hand as a show of admiration and to show that you make him feel good. He may also be waiting to see if you reciprocate this gesture – if that happens then that would indicate his liking of you; otherwise it may just mean you’d prefer being friends rather than lovers!

By BobJ

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