How Can I Get a Kiss?

By BobJ May14,2023

how can i get a kiss

Reaching out and kissing someone can be daunting, but there are ways you can make it easier for her. Here are a few strategies you can employ to break through that barrier and secure her kissing you back.

Physical contact can play an integral part in breaking down barriers to kissing. Gently brush her arm or place one hand on her face can show that you want to move closer by showing signs of interest.

1. Make Her Feel Special

Kissing someone forms a special connection and serves as an indicator of how your relationship is progressing. To make someone feel special during a kissing encounter, pay close attention to their reactions and communicate about any discomfort they might be feeling.

Keep an eye out for any body language cues which indicate interest or discomfort; positive body language suggests they’re open to intimacy while negative body language indicates they don’t feel it’s necessary.

Remember that kisses don’t need to be limited solely to lips – you can use your hands and arms to playfully tease your partner by gently playing with their hair or placing one hand lightly on their hips, or by gently using fingers to stroke their chin or neck for added romance. Just make sure not to overdo it, as too much pressure may cause discomfort and cause them to be put off kissing altogether!

2. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Before kissing you, a girl needs to feel secure around you. This doesn’t need to be something big; even small gestures such as loaning her your lip balm or holding hands publicly can help ease into something more intimate. Just make sure not to overdo physical contact – too much can be offputting and uncomfortable for both parties involved!

Touching her arm or shoulder, playing with a lock of hair or gently touching her hand are great ways to make her more at ease with you. Start off with giving a cheek kiss to see how she responds; if she wants more you could move into mouth-to-mouth kisses.

If she’s not quite ready for a full-blown make-out session in front of her parents, perhaps all she needs is a quick smooch on the lips to show she cares for you. Additionally, less physical ways can also work to convey your desire – telling her you want her back or writing it in a letter might suffice!

3. Make Her Want to Kiss You

Kisses are intimate acts that should only happen when she feels ready. If she’s distracted by phone, food, or work conversations, now may not be the right time for a kiss. Keep her focused on you by providing plenty of eye contact and flirty dialogues – this should keep her engaged with the moment and you.

Once she is open to being kissed, slowly and carefully lean in for a soft cheek kiss. If she blushes and moves closer towards you as a result, that is an obvious indication that she enjoys the sensation! A soft hand kiss may also serve as a tempting tease that makes her want more.

Keep this in mind: movies and TV show may make kissing seem romantic, but only kiss a girl when she is ready! If she just revealed that her pet fish died or failed a final exam is probably not an appropriate time to escalate things further!

4. Make Her Want More

Engaging a woman in kissing you can be challenging on first dates, as this often creates pressure to kiss on that initial meeting and can be nerve-wracking for both parties involved. The key to successfully dating female partners lies in building the chemistry and reading her cues – if she responds negatively to teasing, hugs or cheek kisses then now may not be the right time.

Before kissing her, it’s also essential that your scent be pleasing – this can have a dramatic impact on her emotions. A great way to achieve this goal is with quality body lotion that produces a light yet pleasant odor; adding some scent can further heighten its scent profile; the more she appreciates your aroma, the more likely she is to kiss you!

By BobJ

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