How to Kiss Underwater

By BobJ May 31, 2023

On February 4th, South African freediving champion and her Canadian fiance broke the Guinness World Record for longest underwater kiss. At four minutes and six seconds, their underwater kiss surpassed the previous three-minute record set 13 years prior.

Beth, an instructor for Pure Apnea Master freediving and conservation film-maker, and Miles, an accomplished scuba diver are passionate about encouraging others to appreciate and love the ocean.

1. Sugar Kiss

One couple has marked Valentine’s Day by breaking a Guinness World Record for longest underwater kiss. Beth Neale of South Africa and Miles Cloutier from Canada were successful in breaking an earlier record that had stood since 2004 – lasting four minutes and six seconds and outlasting its predecessor set 13 years prior.

Two passionate freediving enthusiasts met five years ago due to their shared interest in ocean conservation. Ms Neale is a four-time South African free diving champion and Pure Apnea Master freediving instructor while Mr Cloutier is an award-winning filmmaker and certified PADI scuba diver with advanced certification status.

Preparing for their challenge, the pair practiced holding their breath and synchronizing their movements, consulting freediving coaches and doing static apnea training – in which participants hold their breath for extended periods to build endurance – all of which helped them stay underwater for longer when attempting the record attempt. Their primary challenge during their attempt was keeping their heart rates down due to having to kiss underwater rather than simply hold breath like when holding breath on land.

2. Breath Hold

On Valentine’s Day, Beth Neale, 40, from South Africa and Miles Cloutier, 33, both Canadian nationals respectively, set a Guinness World Record for longest underwater kiss. Locking lips underwater at global hospitality group The Lux Collective’s LUX* South Ari Atoll resort in Maldives for four minutes and six seconds set the new mark to inspire others to fall in love with water and set this mark as an inspiration to others to follow suit.

Neale is an experienced freediver and conservation filmmaker. To prepare for her challenge, she and her fiance followed a strict daily schedule that included static apnea training.

Workout that teaches relaxation and slowing of heart rate, she states. Additionally, they practiced their breathing techniques and learned how to kiss with eyes closed – an integral element in this record-setting feat. Their experience provided a deeper appreciation for what the human body can accomplish.

how to kiss underwater3. Touch Kiss

The underwater world needs more love, and this couple set out to spread it by setting a world record underwater kiss on Valentine’s Day 2023. Beth Neale, four-time South African freediving champion and conservation filmmaker, and Miles Cloutier (an award-winning director), set a Guinness World Record for longest underwater kiss.

Their four-minute and six-second kiss broke the previous record set by two Italian free divers 13 years earlier, lasting three minutes and 24 seconds. Breaking this record has given the couple new appreciation of what the human body can accomplish.

The event took place at the luxurious LUX* South Ari Atoll resort, part of global hospitality group The Lux Collective, where they received congratulations and champagne upon their arrival – plus, were surprise welcomed aboard Trans Maldivian Airlines flight back home!

4. Air Kiss

As your body does not allow you to kiss underwater, an air kiss is your next best bet. Simply approach your partner while keeping eyes closed and locate their lips and face before pressing gently against their cheek until making contact. A soft peck that feels similar to when butterflies hover above flowers!

On Valentine’s Day, a South African woman and her Canadian fiance set the world record for longest underwater kiss. Their four minutes and six second embrace beat out Michele Fucarino and Elisa Lazzaina from Italy who had held onto this distinction for 13 years before.

Beth Neale, known for her four-time freediving championship and conservation film work, is passionate about ocean protection. As both a Pure Apnea Master Freediving Instructor and PADI Advanced Scuba diver, she and Miles Cloutier share their love of the sea together with the hope that more people fall in love with its beauty while protecting it for future generations.

By BobJ

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