How Kisses Can Tell If You’re Sexually Compatible

By BobJ Jun1,2023


Kissing releases an abundance of oxytocin and can be a useful indicator for women determining whether a man is truly committed to their relationship. Furthermore, kissing has also been shown to increase orgasm levels when used as part of sexual encounters.

Kisses can be an expressive and intimate form of communication, conveying our emotions and giving us insight into who we’re with. Furthermore, kissing can serve as a measure of sexual compatibility or dissimilarity.

Kisses are used as an expression of affection, love or respect – as well as greetings in many cultures around the world. Their cultural connotations varies dramatically.

Kissing has long been used as an act of devotion or respect. From ancient temples to modern wedding ceremonies, people have exhibited this practice by kissing each other or objects as an expression of love.

Kisses can refer to any confection made of pulled sugar with varied coloring or flavoring, but also refer to acts which lead to destruction or failure, excessive praise or flattery intended to win favor, and as an informal term to describe something lost or hopeless.

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Anthropologists claim that kissing is not universal across human cultures. Yet evidence from 4,500 year-old clay tablets show evidence of kissing being commonplace.

Kissen was probably originally an English verb referring to kissing, developed from an action similar to when mothers would transfer food between mouths after chewing and swallowing it themselves. Dutch and other European languages likely share its root word zoenen (“reconcile”); other related verbs, including French embrasser and Russian tselovat’ (“to kiss”) may have similarly developed from it. The first English verb related to kissing may have even come from this ancient gesture of mother and child licking their lips against each other for exchanges before sucking/kissesing can occur between mothers/fathers when chewing food is passed from mother’s lips into her child’s. In England the initial verb for this action was probably kissen (pronounced kissen – noun- pronounced kissen).


Kissing is an intimate sign of affection shared among many cultures and can serve to express love, passion or lust as well as respect, greeting and peace.

Kissing physically stimulates the release of oxytocin in your body, which promotes feelings of intimacy and affection. Oxytocin has also been shown to assist women during birthing and breastfeeding which strengthens mother-child bonds as well as allergies for some individuals by decreasing stress levels.

Kissing is an integral part of social interactions between romantic partners, friends and family members alike; however, some individuals may be uncomfortable with a kiss that does not reciprocate or feels inappropriate for the situation at hand. Therefore, it is essential that everyone involved feel at ease with any kiss before engaging in one – otherwise there could be unintended consequences such as kissing strangers or those you do not romantically connect with!


Kissing is a form of physical affection with multiple layers. Kisses can range from intimate, platonic, and even sexual; depending on who is kissed and their intended meanings. When giving kisses, people reveal their true emotions as well as demonstrate compatibility or lack thereof with another individual. Experts recommend practicing different kisses regularly in order to deepen feelings of closeness while improving sexual wellness.

A nose kiss is an intimate gesture to show someone your affection and show how important they are in your life.

Fiction allows for endless creativity when writing kissing scenes. Tension must be built up before every kiss so readers understand its symbolic meaning; don’t be afraid to use unexpected metaphors that add depth to the scene, such as how Gatsby uses kissing as an epiphany moment.


By BobJ

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