How I Kiss My Boyfriend

By BobJ Jun2,2023
man and woman kissing in the bridge


Make sure your lips are soft and pillowy for optimal pleasure, and try gently tracing your lips down his jawline as an original way of kissing him – this would surely get him excited!

Pinch his lips briefly before opening your mouth slowly and twirling your tongue around his.

1. Let him inhale first

Men and women both possess areas on their bodies that are particularly responsive to touch. Kissing these areas – like earlobes or neck – is often immensely satisfying for both parties and can show them you care deeply for one another.

Avoid an awkward nose bump by slightly tilting your head to one side before leaning in for the kiss. Do this seductively as you lead up for it!

If he responds favorably to your ear kiss, consider giving him a full-mouth French kiss or twirling his tongue around yours. Keep in mind that each guy is different and has his own set of preferences; pay attention and communicate often so he knows exactly what you like about him! He will appreciate hearing about it.

2. Give him a peck

Kissing his neck can be an intimate gesture that shows your affection, while at the same time showing him that you want him in your life. Kissing on the ear is another fun spot – which works even in public settings! – though if he tenses up or pulls away, try another spot instead.

Give him a gentle graze on both lips that lasts just a few seconds to gauge how comfortable he is with you based on his body language and facial reactions; if he doesn’t recoil or pucker his lips it’s an indicator that they want to make out with you; gradually increase the intensity of kisses over time as you get to know each other more.

3. Let him lick your lips

If your partner loves licking, try kissing him that way occasionally – it can be both sensual and romantic, taking intimacy levels to new heights.

Kissing requires mutual agreement. By flirting, touching, and laughing with him beforehand, he may receive signals to move in for the kiss.

Touch his arm or cheek while kissing to increase tension and anticipation. Spending some alone time can create ideal conditions for kissing; grab his hand during a kiss to play with and even slide your hands down his back and up his thighs to really turn him on!

4. Put your hands on his shoulders

Men often show their affection by wrapping their arms around a girl they’re kissing, which makes her more comfortable. You could try placing your hands on his shoulders to let him know you want more of him; or kiss his neck or nape of his neck as these areas tend to turn them on.

Before initiating any new romance or taking things further, it’s essential that he knows you want to kiss him and is OK with this idea. Flirting and flirting with him can send the right signals; but for added assurance both parties can sign off, an informal verbal confirmation would also do wonders.

5. Give him a kiss on the cheek

Consent should always come first when kissing your boyfriend, so make sure he knows you want to kiss him by sending open body language his way – flirting, laughing with, touching his arm or even taking off your jacket are all ways of sending signals that indicate an intention for kissing.

Are You Excited about Kissing? One way you can excite him about kissing is to slowly trace your lips down his jawline. Men tend to appreciate unexpected moves like this that surprise them while creating butterflies in their stomachs and heighten intimacy; you could even lick his neck or cheeks further heighten this effect! These brief, playful kisses typically last just seconds but show your affection in ways he may find appealing.

By BobJ

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