How to Go For a Kiss

By BobJ Jun 4, 2023
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An incredible kiss not only provides physical and emotional satisfaction, it can also trigger physiological processes which increase immunity and contribute to keeping our bodies looking their best.

If your date indicates they’re ready for a kiss, feel free to initiate one – but remember that their comfort level must always come first and respect any boundaries set.

1. Look into her eyes.

Eye contact is key in setting the scene for a great kiss, displaying both confidence and an intention of going for what one wants.

If a woman looks directly into your eyes and keeps licking or looking down at her lips, this could be a telltale sign she wants you to kiss her. She could be signaling to you her attraction to your dynamic and desire for sexual submission from both of you.

Make sure your sense of smell plays an active part when leaning in for a kiss, too. A light lotion or hint of perfume are great ways to leave an inviting and long-lasting scent on her skin; and ensure your breath smells fresh – bad breath can be highly off-putting!

2. Move in.

Some people are very open to kissing almost immediately upon meeting a new person (think bar/club). If this is what works for you, make the move immediately but ensure it takes place in an appropriate venue.

An effective way to segue into locking lips is through gentle teasing, such as gently stroking her cheek or forehead – this shows interest without appearing creepy or needy.

If it feels right, try kissing her neck or earlobe too – this sensual move is both romantic and intimate, making a great show-stopper move during a make-out session! Additionally, fresh breath helps the situation so bringing along mints can also come in handy!

3. Lean in.

Leaning in for a kiss on your first date can be tricky. To prevent bumping heads or tripping over things, lean in towards your partner at eye level – which could require lowering your chair or sitting on the floor, depending on her height – or go up onto tiptoes if she’s taller.

Flirting can be an excellent way to ease into leaning in, but physical cues can also help. Touching them on the knee or shoulder, placing one hand behind their head or holding their back can all increase intimacy and make them more likely to let you kiss them. You could also offer some well-timed compliments but don’t go too fast or they might become overwhelmed.

4. Be vulnerable.

Kissing is an intimate act and can help deepen your relationship. However, it’s essential to respect her boundaries and understand when she may not yet be ready to move forward with things.

An affectionate forehead kiss from parents and grandparents to their children conveys care, affection, and protectiveness while at the same time can be romantic between two people. A neck kiss may feel like an innocent gesture or it could turn sensual during make-out sessions with your partner.

And don’t forget the “butterfly kiss.” To create the illusion that they are being kissed by butterflies, flutter your lips against their eyes or face in order to give an effect similar to being caressed by butterflies – making her feel both comfortable and loved in an adorable flirting move!

5. Smell her breath.

An unpleasant-smelling mouth is one of the biggest kissing turnoffs, so if you want a trip to Makeout Town, keep your breath fresh!

Avoid overbrushing your lips or applying too much lip gloss; she wants to feel your soft lips against hers. Also, when on public transportation or other environments which do not permit full-on kisses (for example when riding in cars or other similar contexts) be respectful of her response (for instance if she says no or does not wish to make out immediately). With these tips hopefully in hand you’ll build up to an unforgettable kissing moment; otherwise there are always other ways of showing love! Happy Kissing!

By BobJ

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