Do You Close Your Eyes to Kiss?

Do You close your eyes to kiss? That’s a great question and one that’s probably on your mind if you’re getting closer to your partner. But, there are a few different reasons why a guy may not close his eyes while kissing. Here’s a brief explanation of the psychology behind the phenomenon. First, eye movement during a kiss can be a sign of a person’s mental health.

It is common to see people kissing with their eyes open, but this is actually not true. Studies have shown that kissing with eyes closed actually makes a person feel more intense, even though it’s just as intimate as one with closed eyes. Despite popular belief, there’s no real scientific basis for this theory. The fact is, it is simply personal preference. And you should only kiss someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Do You Close Your Eyes to Kiss

If you’re shy or nervous and your partner has an open gaze, it’s natural to be uncomfortable with the idea of closing your eyes during a kiss. While this may be an uncomfortable sensation for your partner, it’s also an excellent opportunity to express your needs. The key to any successful relationship is communication. So, if you find yourself avoiding your partner’s eyes during a kiss, make sure to communicate your feelings and preferences.


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