Hugs and Kisses Just For You

hugs and kisses just for you

Hugging is an amazing way to reduce stress, promote healing, and build trust between loved ones. Hugging is known to lower blood pressure, alleviate tension, and open the channels of communication within relationships.

Hugs come in various forms – from the universally acknowledged XOXO, to unspoken gestures like saying “I love you”. Whatever form it takes, hugging is an powerful expression of affection and should never be underestimated as an act.


Your friends can mean so much to you, and are usually the first people that come to mind when hearing a joke or reading an inspirational quote. Show them you care by reaching out in small ways; perhaps sending a funny meme that would amuse them or scheduling one-on-one time when necessary. Also give your friends space to be themselves; touch starvation can have serious adverse effects on our emotional well-being, so enhance friendships by providing positive and welcome physical contact, especially during this pandemic period.


Loyalty is one of the greatest acts of love, as it involves standing by someone when they need you, without expecting anything in return. Friends and family who show loyalty through hard times cultivate deep trust that lasts a lifetime; in a relationship, loyalty helps sustain it through challenging periods by creating an environment in which each partner can open up without fear of betrayal or judgment, leading to increased intimacy between partners. Loyalty is an expression of true affection – its power lies in being shown faithfully.

By BobJ

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