The Best Kiss For Your Boyfriend

By BobJ May27,2023

Kissing can be an irresistibly pleasurable activity that makes your heart race faster, but also serves as a way of showing your partner just how much you care.

Kisses from men show they are interested in being partners; this may involve making eye contact, avoiding small talk, and giving a kiss.

1. Soft lips

Kissing him softly is an effective way to show your interest and show him you want him. Doing this will turn on his senses and make him feel loved and wanted.

Kissing him softly on his neck or chest can be extremely erotic and serve as an incredibly seductive foreplay strategy. If he takes to it, you could also lightly nibble or bite his skin to amp up the intensity.

Try kissing him on the earlobe as this can be very sensual and romantic for men, although this should probably only be done privately with him present.

2. Slow and steady

Kissing slowly is both romantic and sensual, while also giving you control of its intensity – no one wants a sudden surge in intensity that sends their partner spiralling into “The Bachelor Fantasy Suites.” That would ruin the mood.

Your boyfriend might like for you to gently caress his neck, shoulders, jawline or nibble his ear lobe; just be sure that all interactions take place slowly and carefully as this area can be highly sensitive.

Before initiating a kissing relationship, try flirting seductively to build anticipation and set the scene. This will get him amped up for your kisses and set an exciting scene for them!

3. Use your hands

Guys find it very reassuring when women play with their hands while kissing them, touching fingers, arms, belly buttons and even feet can be very pleasing to him.

As you approach his lips, another effective use for your hands is cocking your head seductively to signal your desire to kiss him while also preventing an awkward nose bump from spoiling the mood.

4. Make it a triangle

Kissing can create an incredible physical connection that leaves both partners feeling blissful. Making it even more romantic by seductively tilting your head as you approach each other’s lips will prevent an awkward nose bump from occurring and keep both parties focused on one another.

Playful and playful, cheek kissing is an easy and playful way to say “hello” or “goodbye”, especially around parents or other family members who might feel awkward about PDA.

If you want to deepen the intimacy, try giving him neck kisses – they’re erogenous and will get his engine running!

5. Take his finger into your mouth

This kiss can be used when seducing someone or simply greeting him.

Generously nibbling your man’s earlobes is both romantic and sensual; just be careful that you don’t bite too hard or the experience could become unpleasant for both of you.

Men can appreciate being kissed on their nape and back, as this provides them with an intimate experience that also provides them with an erogenous zone.

6. Get on top of him

Men enjoy kissing women when they’re on top, as it allows them to express their emotions and feel powerful and in control of the situation.

Men enjoy having their nape and back kissed sensually; this turns them on when you slowly and seductively stroke these areas while making eye contact with him.

An added benefit is engaging in some light sex talk during this process; this will spark his interest and get him in the mood to do more sensual things, possibly even prompting his mind to envision you as his potential romantic interest.

7. Surprise him

Surprise can really turn him on, adding a sensual element to any kiss you share. But be sure to ask permission first – respect goes hand-in-hand with consent; they might say no or want to kiss again later!

One simple way to surprise him is with a cheek kiss, as this will get him excited while also being unobtrusive in front of family or friends. Additionally, kissing his neck or chest will make him feel even more desired than before!

By BobJ

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