Why Do Guys Kiss With Their Eyes Open?

why do guys kiss with their eyes open

Kissing can take many different forms; some styles are platonic while others more romantic or sexual. One strange form is when men keep their eyes open during kisses.

What could feel incredibly odd and cause confusion is why men do this in the first place.

1. They’re trying to avoid bumping foreheads

As people kiss, there is the risk that they might accidentally bump foreheads together – an uncomfortable and embarrassing encounter! To prevent this from happening, some guys keep their eyes open while kissing; this way they can avoid bumping foreheads altogether and avoid any potential embarrassments caused by such incidents.

Some guys might prefer keeping their eyes open while kissing because it adds visual stimulation and makes the experience more intimate, as well as giving them the ability to view their partner’s reactions in real time.

Overall, keeping eyes open when kissing shouldn’t be taken too seriously as an indicator of any evil intent; in fact, it may add an enjoyable aspect of the experience!

2. They’re a visual learner

Some individuals find it difficult to form an understanding of things through touch alone; visual aids may make exploring kissing sensations simpler.

So it isn’t surprising that some guys tend to keep their eyes open during kissing sessions – an unconscious action or habit they may have developed over time.

Could also be their way of testing out how you react, whether that be positive or negative! Could also be a telltale sign of insecurity or fear, with them hoping to monitor their partner closely and make sure that no advantage is being taken of either side. Could also serve as control or dominance.

3. They’re trying to get a feel for your reaction

While most people close their eyes during kisses, some guys prefer keeping them open instead. This could be for comfort reasons or simply trying to gauge how their partner reacts; either way it could give an insight into what kind of reactions their kissing will elicit from him/her.

People often assume that men who keep their eyes open during a kiss have some kind of malignant intent and should be avoided, though this is likely incorrect.

Though it might be unnerving, most movies and TV follow a specific sequence for kissing scenes in movies and shows, so it’s likely he is simply following what he sees onscreen. Nothing to worry about here; this could simply be something he is used to doing!

4. They’re trying to monitor your reaction

Some men can be shy to open themselves up during a kiss, keeping their eyes open to gauge your reaction so they can adjust their technique or end the kiss as necessary.

Others may have physical conditions which make it hard for them to close their eyes during a kiss, so if your partner’s tendency for keeping their eyes open during a kiss makes you uncomfortable or unsettling it’s important that they know it is bothersome and awkward for both of you. If this behavior bothers or unnerves you it’s crucial that they hear this feedback as soon as possible so they can address it accordingly.

People might mistakenly believe that men who kiss with their eyes open are untrustworthy or may harbor malicious intentions; however, this simply isn’t the case – there could be many reasons for keeping his eyes open while kissing you; such as wanting to create beautiful memories for himself and for both of you!

5. They’re trying to avoid making you vulnerable

Finally, some men prefer keeping their eyes open during kisses because it makes them less vulnerable – either because they fear making mistakes or because they fear losing control over intimacy in the kiss.

Contrary to what might be depicted on screen and television, there’s nothing inherently wrong with kissing with eyes closed; it is simply a personal preference that some individuals may have. If this bothers you, communication should always remain key within any relationship.

No matter your motivations for kissing with eyes open, it remains an effective means of communication. Make sure to enjoy it and remember to take deep breaths often – your body will thank you.

By BobJ

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