The First Same-Sex Kiss in a Disney/Pixar Movie

By BobJ May23,2023

Lightyear, Pixar’s Toy Story spinoff film that explores Buzz’s backstory. Additionally, Pixar made history with this release by featuring their first same-sex kiss!

Disney reinstated a kissing scene following an open letter sent from LGBTQ employees and allies to CEO Bob Chapek; however, one Oklahoma theater has issued warning signs and advised parents to fast-forward through it.

What is the kiss in lightyear?

Disney Pixar’s new movie Lightyear marks an important step for LGBTQ representation. The Toy Story spin-off includes Disney’s first same sex kiss ever in a feature film between Space Ranger Alisha Hawthorne and Kiko, who form part of Alisha Hawthorne and Kiko’s respective couples.

Pixar had initially deleted this scene from their film, but has reinstated it ahead of this week’s release. Though seemingly minor in nature, this kiss holds special meaning for Pixar as an animation studio.

Kiss occurs during an emotional sequence that shows Alisha yearning for her family on earth. It’s an emotional scene which conveys her longing to have them close by showing Buzz travel off-world and leaving Alisha behind.

Even with its inclusion, an on-screen same sex kiss has not had an adverse effect on the movie’s box office numbers. It could be that competition from Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick held back attendance, but regardless, fans will surely enjoy this film with its fantastic kiss!

Who is Hawthorne?

Hawthorne appears as an ace cadet on Buzz Lightyear’s ship and mentions her partner; they then briefly kiss onscreen. Originally cut from the movie but reinstated after Disney faced criticism over their response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and CEO Bob Chapek stated that their LGBTQ content wasn’t inspiring enough.

In addition to depicting Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous kiss scene, this movie also includes characters who are openly gay and transgender; plus references to Brook Farm community where Nathaniel lived for nearly 10 years.

Characters and references in the film have caused considerable debate, leading to its ban in countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates where homosexual marriage is prohibited. Critics, however, point out that it doesn’t depict homosexual relationships or marriage per se but instead emphasizes inclusion and diversity as central themes.

What is the kiss in lightyear’s montage?

Lightyear from Toy Story creator Pixar features an unexpected same-sex kiss between space ranger Alisha Hawthorne and her female partner that’s creating waves. Reportedly, this marks the first such scene ever featured in a Disney/Pixar film; initially considered for removal but reinstated following an internal outrage from employees of Pixar.

Buzz Lightyear may not agree with Alisha’s sexuality, but he does respect her decision to live an idyllic life with her female partner in spite of being on an inhospitable planet. This kind of representation was what many Pixar moviegoers have been looking forward to in future releases.

Uzo Aduba, who voices Alisha on this show, believes this type of representation is exactly what young children need to see. They should know that love does not discriminate on gender lines and also be shown that women can conceive without men; indeed it’s quite common today!

What is the kiss in lightyear’s final scene?

Lightyear, the new Disney-Pixar movie, has garnered much media coverage for its same-sex kiss scene. This scene shows Alisha Hawthorne kissing her partner in one of several Toy Story prequel scenes; its existence has caused much debate among audiences, some people saying the kiss should not appear in children’s film and others hailing it as positive representation of sexuality.

Keep in mind that Pixar decided to reinstate this same-sex kiss as an act of support for the LGBTQ community.

Lightyear celebrates diversity through several means, one being its same-sex kiss scene. However, Pixar has shown similar scenes before; 2020’s Onward featured a lesbian police officer while 2019’s Toy Story 4 included two women hugging each other goodbye at school and several Pixar employees have come out and stated that Disney censors their films by cutting overtly gay scenes from them.

By BobJ

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