How Do I Kiss Someone For the First Time?

By BobJ May22,2023

how do i kiss someone for the first time

Your first kiss should be an enjoyable, intimate experience. Make sure that both parties involved know exactly what you have in mind for it and all expectations can be discussed ahead of time.

Don’t be intimidated to experiment with different kissing styles — not all first kisses need to involve kissing the lips only! Feel free to graze their neck or forehead for an additional sensorial and sensually charged experience.

1. Keep your eyes closed

A first kiss can be an exciting, transformational moment for both individuals. It marks intimacy between two individuals and often serves as a marker of commitment or an expression of feelings, making this experience memorable yet vulnerable at the same time. So it comes as no surprise that many feel nervous before or during this experience.

Kisses should always take place with eyes closed to help focus and intensify the experience, but if you want something new and adventurous it’s fine to open your eyes upon completion of a kiss and look into theirs.

Make sure to kiss them on their neck, ears, cheeks, shoulder, and even hands if they let you! Doing this will show your partner that you care in all different ways while making them feel special in different ways.

2. Keep your lips together

At first kiss, it’s essential that lips stay together – this shows intimacy and trust as well as relieving some pressure off of both parties so they can enjoy this special moment together.

If you want to add some intimacy during the kiss, feel free to use your hands more intimately. Caress their face or neck, play with their hair strands or cup their chin – but be careful not to grope your partner as this can be uncomfortable for them; rather use your hands gently move into kissing spots such as their jawline, collarbone or earlobe instead. And look into their eyes to gauge if they’re enjoying themselves; if not take a break and try again later on

3. Keep your tongue away from theirs

First kisses can go either way: either it’s sweet and intimate or full-on passion with plenty of tongue slobbering and tongue kisses thrown in. Though it can be tempting to overthink your first kiss experience, remember not to get caught up on anything that might thwart its success.

That means avoiding the temptation to touch them inappropriately, such as with your hands. Instead, use your hands to caress their neck or play with their hair strands; for added intimacy give a brief graze on their inner wrist for added intimacy that shows that you like them beyond simply being friends – adding tension.

4. Keep your mouth closed

Holding back your lips when kissing can help make the experience less intimidating, as well as prevent accidental chomping on someone’s cheek or tongue. If this seems intimidating to you, try gently grazing with just the tip of your lips rather than completely closing off your mouth completely.

Alternate between mouthing them and playing with their hair and neck with both of your hands. A light touch with your fingers on their face or nape of their neck may give them that “butterflies in their stomach” feeling that tells them you like them.

Kissing can be an effective way to show someone that you’re interested in them, but don’t force the issue! Recognize their boundaries and remind them they have every right to decline any intimate actions that make them uncomfortable.

5. Don’t overthink it

Nerve-wracking first kiss experiences can cause one to overanalyze their first encounter, so taking a deep breath and relaxing will help avoid making mistakes that make the experience more uncomfortable for both of you.

Avoid placing too much pressure on your lips or going for the tongue; these actions can be awkward and make a kiss seem forced and insincere. If unsure whether your partner wants to kiss you, ask them directly; this allows them to say no if that is their preference.

An appropriately timed “Can I kiss you?” can make for an irresistibly romantic gesture and show that you respect their boundaries and care about their privacy.

By BobJ

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