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By BobJ Jun11,2022

Kissing is so amazing, just like the cliché sound it makes.

It raises hormones and improves self-confidence.

However, kissing can also make you feel worthless and so down when you do not do it correctly. It is one of the best ways to build and boost your relationship with your partner and one of the things that have led to breakups of many relationships.

Like the other skills, kissing requires some experience and skills. You cannot gain these experiences and become a skilled kisser from nowhere. You must begin by practicing and doing good research to be fully armored. Unlike in the movies and cinemas that you watch, kissing is not an easy task.

Kissing is more than just the locking of lips and tongues; it is a connection between hearts.



Kissing is so powerful that around 90% of the whole population can recall their first kiss, which they kissed, and how the kissing was.

Kissing is not just today’s thing; it has had a lot of history in the old chronicles. It is also popularly used in most Hollywood movies’ climaxes and soap operas. It is also widely praised by many singers and poets. Almost all cultures in the world embrace kissing, and this can be used as a good base to support the argument that kissing is an instinctive behavior of human beings.

Also, the animals kiss to show affection to the other animals. For instance, the dogs sniff and lick their mates; the bonobo ape, on the other hand, kisses just like human beings.


How many types of kisses do we have, and what do they mean?


Three factors are used to determine the meaning of a kiss; the type of the kiss, the person it is coming from, and the part of the body being kissed.

A kiss gives a special connection between people, whether a friendly kiss, a warm greeting, or even a passionate kiss.

It is not a must that a kiss should be on the face; it can also be on other parts of the body.


1. A kiss on the forehead

It is mostly people who are of different ages. They gently kiss the forehead as a sign of admiration. It is used by friends or the beginning of a romantic relationship that is building up.


2. Kiss to the hand

The kisser gently holds the hand of the other person with their fingers. You then gently kiss the back of their hands. It is a sign of strong passion and admiration for the partner.


3. French Kiss

It is one of the most passionate kisses and is regarded as the best kiss ever!

It is meant to prepare and set the partner for an intimate and erotic session. You slightly tilt your lips from the orientation of your partner and slowly lock their lips with your lips. Be gentle and slow; rushing things in this process will ruin the whole thing.

Slowly stretch out your tongue until you reach your partner’s tongue, and let everything fold out naturally. You will have already perfected your first kiss.


4. Nibble Kiss

If you are a lady and want to have a sensual and enjoyable time with your man, you grab your partner’s lower lip. You then gently bite the lower lip, however, you should be careful not to be harsh on him.

A tough bite can be painful, and it will damage the intimate time that the two of you have.


5. Spiderman kiss

It is among the easiest but classic types of kissing.

The spiderman movies inspired it. For you to be able to execute it, one of the partners must be facing upwards while the other is facing downwards.

The top lip will kiss your partner’s bottom lip and vice versa. With this type, you can be assured of the sensual feeling between you.


6. Sugar kiss

You will gladly enjoy this moment; it is almost perfect if one of the partners has a sweet tooth.

You buy a sweet product that you and your partner enjoy eating; it could be ice cream or chocolate.

With the sweet product melting in one partner’s mouth, you kiss, and that is the point that you will realize that snacking too can be romantic.


7. Eskimo kiss

This style is deeply rooted in the Eskimo community and the way they do their kissing.

The style was adopted from them, and it involves rubbing noses together, however, you can spice it up by combining other types of kissing.

It is one of the funniest kisses in the world!


8. Lizzy kiss

Have you ever seen how lizards do their kissing?

You should watch them and learn that humans can learn a lot from animals. Lizzy kiss is what they do, and they kiss without the involvement of the lips.

Although some people call it dirty, it can be a great level of intimacy for those who are used to close and deep intimacy and it can be very arousing.


9. American kiss

It is similar to the French kiss; they both involve deep kissing using only lips.

You pull your partner close to your body, such that your bodies lie on one another, then hold her by her waist, bend towards her forcing her to bend backward while supporting her with your hands.

It may seem wild and weird, but it will give a sensual feeling and erotic rush.


Lip trace

It is regarded as the sweetest kiss of all. It involves player fullness and flirting with your partner.

You gently move your tongue along your partner’s lips as you kiss them in between the tracing.

It will give that sweet feeling to your partner, and it will give them the urge to want more of it.


11. Butterfly kiss

It is a game of eyelashes; it is fun to play with your partner.

You sit in close range while facing one another. You then move your head close to them such that their eyelashes will touch your eyelashes as you kiss.

You can even spice it up by blinking the eyelashes on their cheek, making them brush.


  1. Underwater kiss

It is more of a game and has that adventurous feeling.

To be able to do it, both you and your partner must be good at swimming.

If you can go underwater for some seconds, the better. It involves both the partners breathing in and then going underwater and kissing while holding their breaths.

Also, one partner can breathe in the air and give the other air under the water.



How should you kiss your girlfriend for the first time?


1. Relay the signals

Show your partner that you are interested in kissing them.

You can relay signals such as taking enticing angles without telling them directly that you want a kiss.

You can then look closely at their lips and make sure that they notice that you are looking at them, though try to frame it not to appear intentional.

Make sure your lips are soft and appealing by applying lip-gloss, and you have a fresh breath.

Keep the lips partially apart so that you can freely breathe through them and comfortably bite their lip.


2. Do not rush in – test her.

Sometimes it is very tricky because you don’t want to annoy your partner by going for a kiss, which they are not interested in.

There is also that feeling of uncertainty when trying it for the first time.

That is why it is advisable to test the waters first to see whether she is interested.

You can begin by kissing her on the hand or the cheek and gauge her reaction when you move to the mouth.


3. Setting a romantic environment.

Shower her with lovely and realistic compliments.

Use an intimate tone; use a soft and low voice while locking our eyes with hers. Entice her with sweet words and let her feel your affection for her.

Remember that you are not supposed to base your compliments on her on matters not related to romance; everybody does that.

Use phrases such as your eyes are so attractive.

If your compliments touch her, she will move close to you and lean toward you for a kiss.


4. Come out open

If all your attempts fail, or she seems not to understand them, yet you are dying to kiss her, you can give a direct approach.

However, you should do it compellingly and soothingly and ensure that your facials reflect your word.

For example, you can tell her, “I do not mean to disrespect you, but I am dying of kissing you, may I?”


5. Do not hesitate to go for it.

Once you are granted permission, go for it, it is a golden chance.

Close your eyes slowly and smoothly, lean towards her, and have your time.

Do everything gently so that you may not end up ruining the experience. Also, make it easier for the next time.



Kissing tips that will make you a perfect kisser


1. Maintain openness: Create the kissing mood with the body communication; for example, you can keep your mouth slightly open and then focus on your partner’s lips while showering them with sexual compliments.

2. Do not rush to intense kissing: be under control, and do everything gently. When beginning to kiss, start with soft shallow kisses; they are meant to test your partner’s response and get them in the mood. If they give in, you can proceed to the intense and intimate kissing; tongue and deep lips kissing.

3. Control the amount of saliva in your mouth: it is true kissing involves the exchange of saliva, but not a flow of saliva. The last thing almost all partners can expect from their boyfriends or girlfriends is a river of saliva. Before you start kissing, ensure you have a manageable amount of saliva in your mouth. Sometimes, as you are missing, your mouth may become over-salivated, pull out for a while, swallow the saliva, and bring another manageable amount into the mouth.

4. If you are not experienced, try a lip lock: if your previous kissing went wrong or you have never done it, you might be very anxious, and the best kiss to go for is a lip lock.

You begin by stacking your lips.

The safest way is by keeping your partners lip between your lip and then gently sacking them slowly.

5. Maintain your breath: When kissing, you should be able to breathe manageable through your nose; however, to some people, it is impossible.

If you are that kind, it is advisable to take short breaks to capture your breath and then continue.

Do not hesitate to take a break when you run out of breath, which may ruin the whole experience.

6. Utilize your hands: it is good to utilize your hands when kissing other than hanging aimlessly. Put your hands on your partner; it is a female; on her hips if it is a man; on his shoulders. You can also use your hands to pull them closer so that you can have a perfect intimate time.

7. Check using the tongue: once your lips are in contact with your partner, you can slowly move your tongue along your partner’s lips. If they feel the sense, they move closer, then keep moving deeper and harder.

8. Mix the kisses up: various types of kisses will make your session happier and more engaging. It will also buy you more time.

That is why it is important to have skills in different types of kisses.

Some styles also may not work for your partner, creating the need to mix them up.

It has been scientifically proven that kissing your partner and relatives has a lot of benefits and advantages, such as boosting the happiness hormones, creating a denser bond, increasing self-esteem, and a great relief to stress.

Everyone loves being kissed, that is why you should always spread the love with kisses.

There are different types of kissing, and it all depends on the purpose and the person you are kissing.

The techniques and ideas above do not apply uniformly to all types of kissing.

Make an informed decision on where to apply. LOL.


By BobJ

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