Deep French Kiss

By BobJ Nov23,2022

Whether you are looking for an amorous kiss or simply to enhance your sexual pleasure, a deep French kiss can do the trick. A French kiss, also known as cataglottism, involves touching the tongue, mouth and lips of the partner.

Induce physiological sexual arousal

During a deep French kiss, tongues are gently touched and stimulated, stimulating the sensitive areas of the mouth and lips. This can lead to a sexual arousal experience that can lead to a sense of euphoria, sex drive, and a feeling of calm.

Arousal is usually triggered by several factors in men and women, including neurotransmitter-mediated smooth muscle relaxation and pelvic nerve stimulation. Both men and women produce testosterone, which is associated with sexual arousal in both genders. During a kiss, testosterone may be deposited into the woman’s mouth, increasing her sexual arousal. A wet kiss may also increase testosterone levels in the man.

Besides increasing testosterone, a wet kiss also increases saliva production, which is a sexually arousing factor. Open-mouth kissing is also very effective in upping sexual arousal. A French kiss may also be accompanied by gentle nibbling, which can also be sexually arousing.

Arousal can also be triggered by the presence of other elements, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones are released during a sexual encounter and can cause the pulse to race, palms to clam up, and breath to quicken. Arousal can also be induced by a positive experience, such as the feeling of love, euphoria, calm, and sex drive.

By BobJ

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