How Do You Kiss a Guy?

By BobJ Jun25,2022

You’re wondering how you kiss a guy. The truth is, that women often think they should do all the work when they kiss a guy.

But you’ll find that you’re only responsible for fifty percent of the kissing action. Here are some tips for making a good kiss even better. Follow these tips to make sure your guy enjoys the experience. Then, you can use them to impress your man. And remember, kissing is a two-way street.

Be sure to let your kiss be in the moment. Keep your mouth open and your tongue circling in your partner’s mouth. This way, you can listen more intently to your partner’s response. Then, your kiss will be more responsive and satisfying. Here are a few more tips to make your kisses better:

Make sure your first kiss is smooth and gentle. If you’ve never kissed anyone before, this is the perfect opportunity to make an impression. While it might feel a little odd at first, it will leave a lasting romantic memory.

And after that, you can’t help but want to give it to your partner again. After all, who doesn’t want to feel warm and cozy? So, make it as romantic as possible.


Once you’ve established a good foundation, it’s time to get erotic. This means embracing your partner’s mouth while tilting in towards them. Don’t forget to keep direct eye contact. If you want to make your kisses more exciting, try grabbing their earlobes. They contain nerve endings and make for a steamy kiss. This way, you can easily seduce your partner.


By BobJ

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