How Should a Woman Kiss a Man?

By BobJ Mar22,2023
woman about to kiss man

Kissing can be an intimate experience, especially if it’s your first time or you and your man are just beginning to explore this bond. But, it doesn’t have to be painful!

If you’re ready to give it your all, here are some tips for the ideal kiss! It will leave both of you feeling satisfied.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is an invaluable communication tool that helps you express yourself to your partner, so make the most of it when kissing. It also tells you whether he or she is enjoying themselves or not, which can give you valuable insight into your relationship with him.

Although prolonged eye contact may seem uncomfortable at first, studies have shown that it’s essential for creating a meaningful romantic connection. Studies have even found that extended eye contact increases sexual arousal and makes you feel more vulnerable – an ideal combination for bonding with your significant other.

Start by practicing eye contact with your partner while talking. Gradually incorporate more and more of this into kissing and sex as well.

With practice, you and your significant other will be able to maintain eye contact for longer periods of time during intimate moments together. This will strengthen both of you’s sense of connection, trust, and comfort with one another which in turn leads to a deeper and more satisfying relationship.

Another excellent tip for making eye contact when kissing is to look into your partner’s eyes instead of his lips. This will give you a better indication of his reaction and increase his likelihood to kiss you.

Additionally, maintaining eye contact before and after your kiss can be an excellent indicator that your guy is enjoying himself. Check to see if his pupils have dilated, which indicates he’s fully focused on you during the kiss and fully immersed in the experience.

Your guy may also try to get closer to you, which can be a sure sign that he likes you. If he shivers, moves closer or attempts to touch you, this could indicate his desire to kiss even more passionately.

One final tip is to check to see if your partner’s eyes remain open during the kiss, which could indicate nervousness about the experience or not knowing how to properly hold his tongue. If this is true, it might be beneficial for both of you to discuss how best to maintain eye contact during your kiss.

Body Contact

Kissing is an intense experience that requires the correct body language, according to Licensed Clinical Psychologist Jared Chavez. According to him, successful kisses involve anticipation, rhythm and buildup.

It is also essential to make a point of kissing his inner thighs, which are the most erogenous parts of the body. Doing this will increase the pleasure of your first kiss.

You can also gently stroke his cheek or back. He may find this very sexy, and it’s an effective way to make him feel closer to you.

Don’t forget to hold his hands while kissing him; you might be pleasantly surprised that he enjoys it and it can be an effective way to show how much you adore him.

He desires to feel your skin, and a warm, passionate touch on his face is surefire indication that he loves you.

To initiate the kiss, reach out with your hand and cup his cheek. He may seem nervous at first, but this is an effective way to relax his nerves before beginning the kiss.

If he’s comfortable, try gently massaging his face and inviting him to do the same. This sexy move will surely have him wild for you!

Another way to show him you care is to run your tongue up his throat and gently stroke his hairline with it. This is an effective way to demonstrate that you’re interested in both his mind and body.

Men are highly responsive to subtle touches, so stroking his face will definitely get him excited. Additionally, it makes your kisses more romantic and passionate.

Most commonly, men will touch their face while kissing you; however, this gesture could also occur during other types of sexual contact. If you observe him doing it more frequently around women he finds attractive, it could be an indication that he’s showing interest in you.

Men can be nervous when kissing a woman for the first time, so he might not want to be touched too deeply or aggressively. He might even hesitate to kiss you if it seems like an uncomfortable situation; however, if you make it clear that you like him, he might be willing to give it a shot.

Mouth to Mouth

Kissing should be an intimate moment, where both of you are being genuine. So rather than planning out how you’re going to do it, try to savor the moment and go with its flow.

As you’re kissing, try to stay aware of your partner’s body language. If they seem uncomfortable, slow down or take a break from kissing altogether.

When making mouth to mouth contact with someone, add an extra layer of excitement by flicking your tongue across both expected erogenous zones like his underarm and rib cage, as well as less expected places like his neck.

You can also experiment with your tongue’s texture. A great trick is to alternate between rougher and smoother sides of your tongue, flicking them side to side from time to time. This will give your date a tingling sensation that lingers on their senses, keeping him eager for more information from you.

Another effective tactic is to kiss your partner’s ear, nose and cheek. This can be particularly seductive for men who enjoy having their body parts touched in such places.

Although this technique may not be suitable for everyone, it can be highly sensual and help you create an intimate connection that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with other forms of kissing.

Making your partner feel close and comfortable is a wonderful way to increase their sense of closeness, but be careful not to push too hard as that could cause their tongue to get caught in their teeth.

As you kiss, your lips will soften and become tender. It can be very sultry and an enjoyable experience for both of you.

When kissing, keep your eyes open. This allows your partner to see how you’re feeling and that you are fully savoring the moment. Additionally, try looking deeply into their eyes when kissing; this will show them just how much you adore them.

Neck to Neck

Neck kisses are one of the most sensual and intimate forms of kissing. They’re an excellent way to make a man feel passionate and romantic, as well as adding some spice into his bedroom life. Neck kisses offer many benefits for both parties involved.

Neck kisses can be done from virtually any position, making them incredibly versatile for your sexy repertoire. Standing behind your partner or having them lie on their back as you begin a makeout session is an excellent way to draw their attention and show that you mean business with these gentle kisses.

When kissing a guy on his neck, you should move slowly from one side of his neck to the other. Doing this will give him time to relax and open up.

This will be an effective way to capture his attention and indicate that you’re ready for something more intimate. You can either give him a tender kiss on the neck with a gentle touch, or even suck on it for an irresistible mark known as a hickey.

If your partner has a reaction to a neck kiss, it could be indicative of their desire for more intimate contact with you. They may even be feeling horny and want to test how well you respond in this sensitive area.

When a man kisses you on the neck, they often gasp in surprise or exclaim with pleasure. This indicates they are truly enjoying themselves and want to keep it going.

Another possible sign that he’s attracted to you is when they suck on your neck and breathe all over it. This shows they are doing everything in their power to demonstrate their love for you, doing anything it takes to ensure you’re contented.

No matter the style of neck kiss your guy gives you, it can be highly thrilling and exciting. This is because the neck area is highly erogenous, meaning that it may elicit strong feelings attached.

By BobJ

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