How to Blow Kisses

By BobJ Mar 23, 2023
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If you’re searching for an entertaining way to express your affection to your significant other, blowing kisses is the ideal solution. Whether it’s during a romantic dinner or while at the gym, giving a quick kiss can convey your sentiments with style.

Victoria’s Secret models often use this skill, so we asked Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio for their tips on how to air-kiss like an Angel.

1. Gaze into their eyes

One of the best ways to show your partner some affection is by getting them intimate with you. Here are a few tips and tricks for the lucky jumbos that may help along the way: You may need to be a little prickly or assertive in order to achieve optimal results, and using this time as practice for sexual activities will ensure that when things go south, you know exactly what steps to take next!

2. Bring your lips to theirs

Kissing can be a little awkward at first, but it’s all part of the excitement! Start by leaning in and hover your lips over theirs for a few seconds to build anticipation. It’s also an excellent way to show your partner how much you want to kiss them!

Once your lips have met theirs, give them a soft closed-mouth kiss and insert your tongue as you deepen the connection. Finally, gently blow cool air over their lips to make them tingle.

Tracing the outline of someone’s lips is an effective trick to get your partner’s attention. You can do this on either their lower or top lip, as well as other parts of their body such as the neck and collarbone.

Practice until you feel confident, says clinical psychologist Lori Beth Bisbey, Ph.D. It’s best to start slowly with gentle kisses and gradually increase the intensity over time.

Once you feel secure, begin to bring your hands in to play with their hair and neck as well as around their back. You can do this one hand at a time or move them around as needed for comfort.

Aliyah Moore, Ph.D. recommends changing up your body position while kissing to help you discover what the other enjoys most about kissing you. She adds that mirroring their movements will allow for deeper connection and understanding of their preferences in terms of affection.

When kissing someone with your mouth open, it can be hard to tell how far they will pull away from you. If they appear disinterested in continuing the kiss, it could be an indication that they’re not yet ready for something more substantial.

Another sultry option is to run your fingers over their face. This will make the kisses more intense and romantic, as well as giving you an opportunity to explore their skin more thoroughly.

It can also be beneficial to check in with them periodically during the kiss to see how they’re feeling. If you notice they’re not as engaged, take a break and breathe deeply if that doesn’t help, you can ask for their consent before continuing the kiss.

3. Bring your lips to theirs again

If you want to amp up the intimacy in your kiss, try bringing your lips back together again. It’s an incredibly simple way to increase the depth of the connection, and all it takes is some practice!

First, move in closer than normal to make yourself more comfortable and less worried about causing any harm. You can also place a hand or two over their neck or collarbone for extra support.

Finally, close your lips for the kiss. To do so, tilt your head slightly in the right direction or use an elbow to guide it away from you.

As you make out with someone, be mindful not to knock their head off in the process – this can be awkward and off-putting. Additionally, breathe regularly so as not to become dizzy or experience dizziness during the exchange – this helps protect both of you.

Finally, add your tongue to the mix. Tracing your partner’s lip with it isn’t a bad idea but you could also lightly blow cool air on their lips for an unexpected tingle.

You can also experiment with your tongue by flicking it in and out, as well as sucking on their bottom lip. While this might feel awkward at first, it’s the best way to give your partner the thrill of the moment. No matter if you’re new at this or an expert at kissing, make sure your next kiss is one of a kind!

4. Bring your lips to theirs again

For a more romantic and passionate kiss with your significant other, add some tongue tracing. Tracing the outline of their bottom and top lip with your tongue is an effective way to get a tingly sensation without slobbering over their lips.

It’s essential to use your tongue with care and moderation when kissing someone new, particularly if you are unfamiliar with this kiss style. Without practice, the tongue’s suction could easily pull away when not done correctly; thus, practicing with someone else before trying it on yourself ensures this doesn’t occur.

Before you begin, ask your partner if they’re willing to give you another kiss. If they say yes, gently lean in and explain what you plan on doing.

Bat Sheva Marcus, LCSW, MPH, Ph.D suggests asking your partner if they would like to end the kiss and take a break. Doing this can ensure both of you feel at ease in the moment.

The key is not to force too many quick kisses, as this can put undue strain on both of you and cause them to tire quickly. Instead, gradually build up the kiss until both of you are content with it before deciding when it’s time to part ways.

If your partner isn’t feeling adventurous enough for a long kiss, Janine Piernas, M.A., LMFT recommends asking them if they would prefer something more casual like a forehead kiss or hand-in-hand smooch instead. It’s an effective way to show that you’re willing to give them extra attention if they desire it.

Maintaining eye closure while making out can be beneficial, too. Doing so helps avoid dizziness and encourages regular breathing while you’re smooching. Plus, it forces you to anticipate what comes next which adds to the sensual experience of the kiss.

By BobJ

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