How to Do a Kiss on Messages

By BobJ Mar24,2023
Golden foil balloon with smiley kissing face and heart

Digital Touch is a new way to customize your iMessages with sketches, fireballs, kisses and even heartbeats.

To initiate a digital touch message with your iPhone, tap the heart icon next to the text input field in iMessage (located on the left side of the screen). This will open an interactive message.


Kisses are an ideal way to show your significant other how much you care. Although it may not seem like much, modern technology has provided us with several fun ways to convey this romantic gesture. For instance, you can send a photo of yourself puckering up or make a “kiss face.”

The Apple Watch features an embedded augmented reality app that enables you to view photos and short 10 second videos based on sketches created. Furthermore, there’s a special app that lets you use your finger to create a miniature digital model of your own hand.

Send the perfect Digital Touch Message by finding your contact in either the app or on your iPhone, opening their conversation window, and tapping on the heart with two fingers icon. This will open a popup with all of your available options.

The first option you’ll come across is the most obvious option. This gimmicky device consists of a small drawing board with a color dot in the middle, but it certainly looks cool. While not particularly enjoyable to draw on, this small board certainly adds to its aesthetic value.


With Digital Touch on the iPhone and iPad, you can send someone a heartbeat. It’s an entertaining way to show someone you care and provide them with some haptic feedback when they receive it.

When you’re physically engaged, your heart beats faster and harder in an effort to pump more oxygen into your muscles. It also speeds up when faced with strong emotions such as anxiety or excitement.

Your normal heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. When exercising, however, your pulse can accelerate up to 160 beats per minute.

Your heartbeat is controlled by signals from your nervous system and hormones from the endocrine system. Additionally, certain actions like drinking caffeine, nicotine or recreational drugs can have an impact on how quickly it beats.

If your heartbeats are racing too quickly (known as tachycardia in the medical community), you should consult your doctor for guidance. Certain heart conditions like long QT syndrome or Brugada Syndrome can cause your pulse to beat rapidly and irregularly.

Other conditions can also cause racing or irregular heartbeats, such as ‘heart block’. Atrioventricular heart block and bundle branch block are two common forms of this condition.

Send a heartbeat on the iPhone and iPad using Digital Touch through Messages. All you have to do is open Messages on your device and tap on the conversation or person who you would like to send the heartbeat too.

Next, tap the Digital Touch icon on your device. This looks like two fingers touching a heart and will reveal a black drawing board in the middle of the screen.

Once you’ve selected your desired effect, such as a kiss, fireball or heartbeat, tap the color dot on the left to choose from various hues.

Once you’ve achieved the desired effect, press the blue arrow to send it. Your image/video will now look similar to what you see when editing photos and videos in iMessage.


On an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch running iOS 10 and later, you can shoot virtual fireballs at your recipient in Messages. These animations offer a fun way to express anger or frustration – especially if they have a device equipped with 3D Touch functionality.

Sending a fireball is easy: open the Digital Touch interface and tap and hold with one finger until a fireball appears. This can be an effective way to express your emotions if you’re feeling upset or angry, though drawing with one finger may be challenging on devices that lack 3D Touch capabilities.

On devices with 3D Touch, you’ll need to press the screen with your finger rather than tapping. Holding it down for longer will create a longer-lasting fireball animation.

Once you’ve created your fireball, you can tap it to send it to someone special or use it in a photo or video message. Additionally, applying it live video gives the footage an interesting graphical effect.

The Digital Touch feature in Messages on iOS 10 is one of the most expressive capabilities. It enables you to send sketches, kisses, heartbeats and broken hearts using gestures mapped to your fingers – making it simpler than ever for you to send more personalized messages with your iPhone or Apple Watch.


Are you searching for a way to express your emotions without actually kissing someone? The Digital Touch feature on Messages offers an alternative solution – sending sketches. These animated drawings look similar to GIFs and play like video when sent. Plus, with this feature, you can draw on photos or videos too!

To sketch on digital touch, turn your phone sideways into landscape mode and tap the new “Sketch” button located on the right-hand side of the keyboard. A black drawing board will appear on-screen for you to sketch in. When finished, tap Send icon to send your sketch off to someone special.

Once your friend receives your sketch, they can tap it to view it full-screen in Messages. You may even add stickers for extra personalization!

Once your sketch is complete, tap Done or wait a few seconds for it to be sent automatically. With the Apple Watch, you can even draw on it and turn it sideways into landscape mode so you can access it from Messages.

Unlike other Digital Touch messages, you must wait a short period before your sketch is automatically sent. This gives you ample time to perfect the sketch and ensure it looks professional before sending it off.

Digital Touch sketching feature allows you to draw on pictures or videos with your finger or stylus. It’s an excellent way to showcase your artistic talent and add a personalized touch to photos or videos that you want to share with friends.

If you’re worried what your friend will think of your hand-drawn sketch, you can opt to have it appear atop of any picture or video you send them. Furthermore, you have the freedom to change the color scheme according to your own preferences.

Another entertaining option is to create a fireball using your finger on the Digital Touch canvas and tapping to start a burst of colors. When you release your finger, a flame appears and can then be lifted for emphasis.

By BobJ

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