How to Do a Hickey Kiss

By BobJ Mar29,2023

Hickey kisses can be fun, sexy and an excellent way to make out. However, some people find them painful so make sure your partner feels comfortable before giving you a hickey.

After exchanging long kisses, give your partner a special gift – an “O” shape in the shape of an O and softly sucking in their skin.

Start with a light kiss

Don’t start off with a heavy kiss, as this could make your partner uncomfortable and upset. Instead, opt for a lighter kiss at first and then gradually increase intensity as time goes on.

Starting with your partner’s neck is usually the easiest and most comfortable place for them, but remember that not everyone enjoys having hickeys in this area; so if they seem uninterested or unwilling to accept them, don’t force it upon them.

Before initiating a neck kiss with someone, it’s wise to get their consent first. This way, you can ensure it’s something they are interested in and avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Furthermore, it’s essential to remember not to sucke too hard. Excess pressure may cause the blood vessels in your skin to burst, leading to a bruise.

Typically, a hickey will last a couple of weeks; however, this can vary from person to person depending on how hard you suck and how long it takes for the bruise to form.

There are a few ways to prevent your nosebleed from bleeding too rapidly, such as applying an ice pack or cold spoon directly on the area, massaging with toothbrush bristles, and using topical vitamins that contain vitamin C or K. Aloe vera may also provide temporary relief.

Hickeys can happen to anyone, but those with lighter skin are especially prone to getting them. This is because they have softer, more sensitive areas such as their necks or chests which make them particularly vulnerable to bruising.

Hickeys are usually not painful, but they can be an inconvenience – particularly if you’re doing it for the first time with your partner.

To speed up healing from a hickey, apply cool compresses for 10 minutes at a time to slow blood flow to it. This should be enough to facilitate healing.

Keep it short

If you’re thinking about giving someone a hickey kiss, keep it short and sweet. Doing so will help ensure the kiss remains safe and successful.

Start by placing your lips on the side of their neck as if you were kissing them. Doing this will create suction that helps to form the hickey.

Next, create a slight tingling sensation and leave your partner’s neck with an intense red mark. The harder you suck, the deeper the hickey will be.

This can be a very seductive trick, but it won’t be nearly as fun for your partner if you don’t do it correctly. So if you’re unsure how to perform a hickey, consult someone who can assist you. A hickey is an ideal way to show your partner you care about them, but finding the ideal way can be challenging. Luckily, there are various methods available; these include:

Keep it clean

When giving a hickey kiss to someone special, it’s important to keep it clean. Make sure your lips move together in sync and avoid using tongue or lipstick for extra emphasis. Additionally, consider your partner’s personality and any medical conditions before going all-out on them.

When performing the tango, a good place to begin is at the neck, about 2-3 inches above the collar. Not only will this area allow you to perform the move effectively but it’s also an excellent vantage point from which to show your partner without being too obvious about it. By using appropriate tools in a strategic order, both of you will have an enjoyable time together; wearing a scarf or wrap around your neck for added protection could help enhance the experience. Remember, any successful tango depends on effective communication between both of you so keep those lines open!

Keep it fun

Hickeys are usually given as part of a playful or flirty makeout session. They can be an excellent way to show your partner you’re interested in taking things further in your relationship, but not everyone feels comfortable with having such an indelible mark on their body; thus, it is essential to ask for consent before performing a hickey on them.

A hickey is typically a bruise caused by vigorously sucking or kissing the skin around the neck or shoulders. It typically looks red but can turn purple or brown over time as capillaries – or tiny blood vessels – rupture and allow blood to seep into nearby tissue.

The size of a bruise depends on how much pressure was applied and how many capillaries were affected. It may take several days for the bruise to fade.

Keep it playful by finding a sweet spot on your partner’s neck that you can kiss and suction on. This may be on the side, back or collarbones if they have long hair; or near their shoulder if they have shorter locks. If you can’t think of an exact spot, try tickling their neck with your tip of your nose or lightly closed lips.

Once you identify the right spot, press hard enough to break capillaries but not so hard that your partner’s skin breaks. Otherwise, your hickey could turn into a painful bruise and leave them feeling uncomfortable.

If your partner doesn’t enjoy the sensation of you sucking on them, it is perfectly acceptable to forgo this kiss and go for another. Light biting or nipping can also be a lot of fun and may even deepen the romance!

It is also wise to break up the sucking. If 30 seconds of intense kissing on your partner’s neck seems too intense, try doing 10 seconds first, followed by some kissing, and so on.

Hickeys may not always be as bad as they’re made out to be, but it’s still important to remember that giving a hickey isn’t for everyone. Some people object to having a mark on their body, others find it painful and still others just don’t want to appear as though their partners have been “touched”. Therefore, get your partner’s approval before performing any type of hickey on them.

By BobJ

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