How to Do Kiss … Step by Step

By BobJ Oct26,2022

When it comes to a kiss, you must know how to lean in and tilt your head. You must also breathe gently before you begin. There are many tips and tricks that can make the kiss more pleasurable for both of you. Follow these tips to have a great kiss with your significant other.

Lean in

When it comes to initiating a kiss, many people are nervous before starting. That’s a normal part of the anticipation process. Whether you’re initiating the kiss or not, there are many things you need to know before you dive into the kiss. If you want to kiss your partner without feeling awkward, it’s important to learn the right techniques.

First, try to remember that the kiss should be soft and not painful. It should also mimic the gestures of your partner. You should also avoid forcing yourself to give a quick kiss. You can also try to change the position of your head and body to make your kisses more intimate. At times, you should tilt your head to one side to meet your partner’s height.

Tilt your head

One way to ensure you kiss your partner properly is to learn how to tilt your head. To achieve this, you should stand close to your partner while leaning your head to the left or right. This will avoid bumping noses. Make sure to maintain eye contact. The next step is to meet each other’s lips.

The left side of the brain controls decisions and emotions, while the right side is responsible for rationality and calmness. According to a study by Nicholls et al. (1999), people tend to tilt their heads more to the left than to the right during a kiss. This means that the way you tilt your head during a kiss could be as emotional manipulation as the way you look at your partner.

how to do kiss step by step


Breathe softly

One tip for creating a great kiss is to breathe softly and easily through your partner’s mouth. This technique can be difficult at first, but with regular practice, you will find it becomes more natural. To begin, purse your lips and breathe through them gently. Hold your breath for four seconds and exhale slowly. Be sure to breathe out softer than you breathe in and make your breath longer than you inhale.

Check your breath before kissing

Before you kiss someone, it is very important to check your breath. If you do not have a fresh breath, you might look disgusting to your partner. In addition to the embarrassing effect of smelling bad, it also sends a negative message about your hygiene. Bad breath makes you look unattractive, and it could cost you the love of your life.

Avoid bad breath

If you’re concerned about your breath and are uncomfortable about giving your partner a kiss, there are natural remedies you can try. One such remedy is hydration, which keeps the mouth moist and harder for bacteria to survive. One thing to avoid when it comes to water consumption is diuretics, as they can dry out the mouth.

Garlic, onions, and citrus juices are among the worst culprits for bad breath, as these foods upset the pH balance in the mouth and allow bacteria to grow more quickly. You can also avoid lip locking when you’re doing a kiss. A romantic hug, meanwhile, can help mitigate bad breath.

Communicate your desires

Before initiating a kiss, communicate your wishes to your partner. If you’re unsure of your partner’s preferences, try to read her body language. This can help you determine if you’re in the right spot. For example, if your partner always keeps his/her eyes closed, you may want to open them.

Obviously, it would be difficult to kiss someone who does not have the same preferences. But there are other ways to show your love. Telling your partner what you’d like to see from them in their actions is a great way to convey your feelings and make them feel special.

By BobJ

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