Tips For the Best Kiss

By BobJ Sep7,2022

First kisses should be a romantic, passionate experience. However, a clumsy lean in or a sudden forceful movement can sabotage the mood of the moment. Thankfully, there are some tips for the best first kisses. Will Smith’s character advocates using the 90/10 Rule, which teaches you to control the situation while giving your date some agency.

Always remember that the best kiss is the one where you both feel comfortable. Start small and build up. You can make eye contact, which will help make the kiss more romantic. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try different locations. The jawline, collarbone, and earlobe are all good spots for a kiss. Also, don’t be afraid to use your teeth during a kiss; a soft tug is usually okay.

Another tip for the best kiss is to place your hands on your girlfriend’s back or waist. It’s also important not to let your hands hang too loosely during the kiss. Instead, try cup your girlfriend’s face, graze her lower back, and touch her thighs and lower back. Always err on the side of tentativeness; this way, your partner won’t know you’re trying to force the kiss.

If you’re using your tongue, be sure to keep it under control. Excess saliva can turn off women. Also, don’t drool, as this will turn off your partner. Try to keep your mouth smelling nice and not over-smelly. If you don’t feel comfortable using your tongue, try a quick lick under the top lip.

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Your first kiss should be a relaxing, romantic experience. Your breath should smell clean and the rest of your body should be fresh. Sweat and body odor can turn off your date. So, be sure to smell great so your date will feel relaxed and excited. Remember, the first kiss is a magical experience and should never be rushed.

You can’t force your tongue into your partner’s mouth when kissing. Your tongue can make the other person feel uncomfortable, so be gentle and avoid tongue kisses. The best way to ensure a successful first kiss is to practice first! Try to feel how your partner reacts to the kiss, and follow their style.

Your kiss should start on the forehead, follow the slope of the nose, and end at the lips. However, even the best kissers should keep their skills under wraps in public. No one likes a hot and steamy public make out! If you want to make the most romantic impression, keep it low-key and sweet.

A peck on the lips is one of the simplest ways to kiss your partner and show affection. It involves kissing each other’s lips, usually with lips slightly puckered. This is a great way to have a first kiss, since it’s intimate without being intense, and doesn’t require a lot of technique.


By BobJ

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