How to Kiss a Man That He Will Never Forget

By BobJ Apr8,2023

No matter if it’s your first kiss or not, how you kiss him can leave an indelible mark on him. Here are some essential tips for making sure it’s a memorable experience for both of you:

Starting off, try to make him feel at ease by being subtle with your suggestions and taking things slowly.

1. Make him feel comfortable.

Kissing can be one of the most romantic and sensual moments in a relationship, but it may also prove to be somewhat intimidating for some.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to make your man feel at ease when kissing you. Here are some of them:


Make sure your kisses are warm and inviting for him to relax into, thus increasing his openness to the moment.


Don’t try to force the kiss. Instead, begin slowly and incognito, applying gentle pressure as you massage his lips between both of you.

Man needs to feel that you are truly interested in having a sexual encounter. Otherwise, he will likely turn you off.

2. Be subtle with your hints.

Kissing is the most intimate and sensual moment in a relationship, yet it can also be intensely nerve-wracking if you’re not well practiced at it.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be overly assertive in order to make your relationship more desirable for your man. Don’t risk embarrassment or excessive blushing by trying too hard!

Instead, be subtle with your cues and let him know exactly what you have in mind, giving him the opportunity to take things further.

For example, if your conversation partner begins focusing on his lips while speaking, it could be indicative of plans to kiss you.

3. Start with the lips.

Kissing a man can be an unforgettable experience, but it can also be awkward if you don’t know how to do it correctly. These tips will ensure your first kiss leaves him wanting more and leaves you both satisfied.

Your initial kiss should be a light flutter of both lips that lasts only a few seconds. After this, part your lips to look into his eyes and then return for a more passionate embrace.

Before beginning the date, ensure your breath is fresh and clean. This will make your partner feel at ease and secure in themselves.

4. Use your teeth.

Kissing your partner can be a wonderful way to strengthen the bond and reduce stress.

Before engaging in a kiss, always ensure your breath is fresh. Doing this will prevent any harmful bacteria from entering your mouth and guarantee an enjoyable kiss.

When kissing, always use your tongue with gentleness. Excessive use can leave a bad impression.

Additionally, be mindful not to bite your partner too hard as this could be a major turn off for some individuals.

5. Be aggressive.

Kissing passionately can be an attractive way to express your affection for someone, but be careful not to appear as though you’re trying to push your feelings upon him.

Some men may find kissing to be an uncomfortable experience, and may try their best to avoid it at all costs. This could be due to personal issues such as a job or financial strain.

Conversely, they could be feeling insecure about their masculinity and seeking ways to assert themselves.

Research reveals that men who feel social pressure to act masculine are more likely to act aggressively when threatened. This is especially true among younger men whose sense of masculinity depends on others’ approval.

By BobJ

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