What is a Kissing Booth?

By BobJ Apr7,2023

A Kissing Booth is a beloved teen romance movie series that began as Netflix original films and eventually became part of Netflix Originals’ library. Based on Beth Reekles’ novel of the same name, each installment follows in its footsteps.

The story follows best friends Elle and Lee as they create a kissing booth for their school’s carnival fundraiser junior year.

What is a kissing booth?

A kissing booth is a type of carnival attraction that offers people the opportunity to pay for an invigorating kiss. These booths are commonly set up as fundraisers or other special events.

The Kissing Booth, a Netflix original film created by teen author Beth Reekles, modernizes the classic glitzy booth for today. It follows best friends Elle (Joey King) and Lee (Joel Courtney), as they embark on their junior year of high school.

For the first time ever, they decide to open up THE KISSING BOOTH at their school’s fundraising carnival and lock lips with their first customer, Noah (Jacob Elordi).

The Kissing Booth is a lighthearted film that encourages audiences not to follow the herd and that courage lies in pursuing one’s dreams, no matter the consequences. However, it also contains frequent coarse language and sexy scenes which make it unsuitable for younger children. If you’re thinking of letting your teenagers watch it, make sure they discuss its key messages like responsible behavior, accountability, honesty and friendship afterwards.

How is a kissing booth made?

A kissing booth is a carnival attraction where people kiss customers for money, usually to raise funds for charity. Schools particularly enjoy this activity since students can earn money while learning more about human anatomy at the same time.

The Kissing Booth is a franchise based on Beth Reekles’ books that follows Elle Evans (Joey King), as she falls in love with her best friend’s brother Noah Flynn after running a kissing booth at her school’s carnival.

Joey has been watching Euphoria since its initial Netflix installment aired, and she still holds it close to her heart. Along with Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi, Joey also co-starred in the films which also featured Lee Flynn and Rachel DeWitt.

Fans of the trilogy are calling for a Kissing Booth 4, though nothing has been officially confirmed at this time. It should be noted that the third movie, One Last Time, did have an ambiguous ending which left many disappointed.

What is a kissing booth used for?

A kissing booth is a carnival attraction where the person running it kisses people for money. It’s also often used as an effective fundraiser.

Fund raising through crowdfunding can be a lucrative venture, but it comes with some risks. Notably, it’s relatively uncommon and may even be seen as taboo by some individuals.

Second, make sure your booth is approved and legal before setting up. Otherwise, there’s a good chance it will get shut down.

Finally, it’s essential to select your kisser(s). They should be hot and desirable to potential customers.

Your event could feature different levels of kisses for different prices; maybe $1 gets you a peck on the cheek while $25 gets you an entire makeout session.

What is a kissing booth set up for?

Kissing booths can be set up for many reasons. For instance, they may raise funds to support a shelter.

They can also be utilized for photo ops and provide a touch of romance.

A kissing booth can be used for a range of events, such as high school prom or birthday parties. They are made out of cardboard which makes them lightweight and simple to assemble.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSAZ) uses a kissing booth at adoption events and fundraisers. It’s an easy-to-build, economical, and effective way to draw people to your shelter or fundraising event.

In The Kissing Booth, Elle falls for Noah Flynn, her best friend Lee’s brother. However, they have a friendship pact that prohibits her from dating other guys.

By BobJ

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