Is it Permissible For a Husband to Kiss His Wife During Ramadan?

By BobJ Apr26,2023

can husband kiss his wife during fasting

Ramadan, or the month of fasting, is an annual religious obligation observed by Muslims worldwide and encourages them to reduce luxury spending while focussing on spiritual practices.

Unmarried couples may engage in intimate behaviors during this holy month; however, is such behavior allowed?

Yes, as long as it does not lead to further intimacy. But it would be wiser if you lack confidence in controlling yourself to avoid these activities if they might tempt your thoughts too easily.


One of the questions we are often asked is if it is permissible for a husband to kiss his wife during fasting, which depends on various circumstances and his ability to control himself. The answer largely depends on these variables.

Most Muslim jurists agree that kissing or caring for your wife during fasting is permissible; however, when it leads to sexual encounters and the release of semen or mani, which breaks your fast, it becomes forbidden.

However, in order for something to be considered halal:

As soon as possible, it’s essential that you develop an in-depth knowledge of yourself and assess whether any urges to kiss or caress your wife could lead to sexual intercourse. If there’s any genuine danger that you overstepping boundaries could happen, it would be prudent to forgo such activities altogether.


Kissing one’s wife during fasting is forbidden as this could lead to sexual intercourse and break the fast, advises Sheikh Umar Katongole from Kawempe. Married couples should strive not to engage in sexual relations before sunset during Ramadhan for optimal fasting results, advises Umar Katongole.

Muslim religion forbids men from kissing their wife during fasting days for fear that such actions could lead to sexual activity that violates wudhu or purity, potentially breaking one’s fast. After fasting day has concluded and it no longer poses the threat of reaching climax, they may kiss freely without concern of sexual misconduct occurring during fasting day.

Reports indicate that Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) would passionately kiss his wife while fasting, which may have resulted in him licking her tongue to stimulate her and ensure his fast would not become invalidated as swallowing saliva would invalidate it and necessitate an equivalent make-up (qadha) and expiation (kaffarah) payment to compensate.

Avoiding temptations

Are You Wondering If It Is Allowed To Kiss My Wife in Ramadan?? Yes. Kissing is permitted under Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) as an act of love and respect to one’s wife during fasting months like Ramadan.

But it is very important to remain cautious around temptations that could tempt you into sexual sin. Take time to think about where these desires may be coming from within yourself.

There can be numerous temptations that arise when a husband kisses his wife during Ramadan, when fasting. They could include going into sexual relations and breaking their fast. This would constitute a serious offence that requires strict forms of kaffarah punishment, so any husband seeking to kiss their wife during this month should exercise extreme caution when seeking to kiss their wife during this month.


Fasting is an endeavor which should not be undertaken lightly, yet light touching or kissing may still be allowed so long as it does not bring on sexual desire.

Caressing or hugging should always be done mindfully; Allah Subhanah always watches us closely and can ensure our wishes come true.

God created everything with purpose, reflecting His attributes through every detail. Therefore, no one should commit any act that may lead to sin without consulting the Book of Allah and Sunnah of His beloved Messenger first.

By BobJ

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