Should You Kiss on the First Date?

By BobJ Jun8,2023
Kissing on First date

Kissing on the first date is ultimately up to you, but most experts advise going for it if the date goes well and there’s an emotional connection.

If your date is uncomfortable with kisses, try an alternative such as pecking their cheek. Kisses are physical displays of affection; use one as an expression of interest!

1. Make Eye Contact

One way of telling whether or not your date is willing to kiss on the first date is through their body language. If they lean closer towards you or make eye contact frequently, they could be open.

However, if they pull away or appear uncomfortable when close contact is made with you, that could be an indicator that they are not yet ready to kiss. So take it slow and be patient.

Make sure that when you kiss, leave them wanting more by using your sexy charm to surprise them with something small like a peck or lip brushing; give a small wink when dropping them off at their car if possible!

2. Lean In

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to kissing on a first date, though many dating experts advise taking the initiative. If you feel comfortable and your date’s body language signals they are open to physical intimacy, go for it – being mindful of both of your space as well as respecting their personal space is also important and should they pull back don’t force them in closer.

If you think he’s open to kissing, try leaning in close for a quick brush of his lips or peck on the cheek and seeing his reaction – this could include changes to facial expression and body language as well as any noticeable facial features or muscle movement changes. Just remember the old saying, “if it’s in his smile, it’s in his eyes”, and don’t overthink things – his response should be your best indicator as to whether or not to move forward with something!

3. Touch Him

Many men can be too shy or nervous to initiate, so you may need to step in and initiate the kiss yourself. Gently touch his shoulder, hand or arm as an indicator that you are interested in getting close; or try lingering on his lips and brushing against his lips until they become more open and expressive.

Kissing on a first date may convey many things, but it could also send mixed signals if your date does not seem interested in physical intimacy. If unsure, inquire as to their feelings regarding physical intimacy and give them the option of declining in order to avoid sending mixed signals and keep the vibes positive. If he opts out, continue the conversation in another area while being gracious, this will show empathy and build trust between you.

4. Compliment Him

Girls often want to know whether a male partner is open to kissing on a first date. You can tell whether or not this is happening by looking at their body language and seeing how much physical contact they make between each other.

But, if they want a less aggressive first date experience, there are other ways they can express their interest besides going in for full-on first date kissing. Instead of giving their date an aggressive full-on kissing encounter they could offer them a simple peck on the cheek or forehead to show they care instead.

At the outset, it is vitally important that romantic intentions are clear so as to prevent any future miscommunication or confusion. But if they seem willing, there’s nothing wrong with going in for that kiss!

5. Ask for a Kiss

Some people like to kiss on their first date while others take things slower and only engage in physical intimacy when it is comfortable for both of them. Reading body language to assess your date’s reactions, paying attention to where and when it is taking place and asking permission are all effective ways of making sure your date is open to kisses before leaning in closer.

If she seems interested, and you decide to go for that kiss, be sure to keep your hands busy (but without groping her!) so as not to cause her any discomfort. Betty Everett once sang: if you want to know if he loves you it is in his kiss.” Good luck and best of luck!


By BobJ

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